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There's a lot of conflicting information on the web regarding the proper usage of a spray wax.  Before I dig in, what exactly is a spray wax?

Drum roll.....It's a wax, in the form of a spray! 

Sorry, I couldn't resist!  

*Give me a moment to compose myself, please*

Okay, seriously, a spray wax is more than that, at least a spray wax manufactured by McKee's 37.  You see, some companies market and advertise a "spray wax" but in reality it's just a juiced up detail spray.  

That's not how we roll.  You see, if a product is going to bear the McKee's 37 name, it has to be the best.  Why?  Because we're not in the business of selling subpar chemicals for the sake of massive profits.  If you've ever used a McKee's 37 product, you would agree. 

So, that takes me to my favorite spray wax: McKee's 37 Graphene Coating Wax.  Or, as I often refer to it around the office, magic in a bottle.  Graphene Coating Wax is not a spray wax, it's a wax in the form of a spray.  What I mean by that, is Graphene Coating Wax is the real deal.  

graphene coating wax

Before I tell you what Graphene Coating Wax is, let me first tell you what it's not!

  1. It's not a detail spray.
  2. It's not a conventional spray wax.

Graphene Coating Wax is a high-solids (read: less water, more "good stuff") wax in the form of a spray.  

From the product description on McKees37.com:

McKee’s 37 Graphene Coating Wax is a spray-on, wipe-off coating wax that provides long-lasting paint protection.  Use this graphene-rich formula as a stand-alone paint protectant, or as a booster over your existing wax, sealant, or graphene coating.  McKee’s 37 Graphene Coating Wax is formulated using a blend of ultra-refined graphene-oxide ceramic resins fused with high-grade carnauba wax.  This combination offers long-lasting paint protection as well as a sizzling, 3-dimensional shine on all colors.  McKee’s 37 Graphene Coating Wax will not streak or smear, even in humid climates. 


Spray waxes can be incorporated into anyone's detailing regime. 

  • First, a spray wax such as McKee's 37 Graphene Coating Wax adds additional shine and protection to your existing wax, sealant, or coating.  This particular formula is compatible with all brands and products, so you can use it with confidence. 
  • Second, it makes the paint super slick, something we all love to feel after cleaning our car. 
  • Third, it's fun to use! 
  • Fourth, Graphene Coating Wax makes a great "drying aid" as you dry the car, allowing you to wax as you dry!

Now that you know what it is and why you should use it, let me explain to you how to properly apply a spray wax to get the most from it.  Here's a common mistake most people make when using a spray wax: they don't use enough of it!  Looking carefully at the directions on the back of the bottle (that I wrote!), it clearly says "spray a liberal amount of McKee's 37 Graphene Coating Wax directly onto the surface...."

Why a liberal amount, you ask?  Several reasons:

  • Lubrication: Having the surface wet with product provides sufficient lubrication so the towel does not scratch the surface.
  • Uniform Coverage: How do you expect to completely coat a panel if you're using the product sparingly?  The goal of using any protective product is to protect the surface!  
  • Less Absorption: If you use a spray wax sparingly, a good portion of what you spray onto the surface will simply be absorbed into the towel.

So, here's a couple helpful tips for using a spray wax:

  • Two Towel Method: Use one towel to spread the wax out, and a second towel to buff the surface afterwards.  Repeat this process panel by panel.  As the buffing towel becomes saturated with product, use that towel as your application towel, and then grab a new clean, dry towel for your buffing towel. 
  • Choosing the Correct Towel:  While we're on the topic of towels, this is also extremely important.  First, don't use inexpensive towels.  They will absolutely scratch your paint.  I'm a big fan of our Orange 365 Edgeless Microfiber Towels, or our Gold 360 Microfiber Towels.  Either one works great for using with a spray wax.
  • Prime Your Towel (Optional):  I don't normally practice this technique, but a lot of people do, so I'll include it with this article.  When you're starting out with a clean, dry towel for spreading out the wax, spray some product on the towel first to provide additional lubrication and to ensure the most coverage possible for the wax you sprayed onto the surface.  

Here's Chris, showcasing the tips and techniques outlined in this article:

Chris is working on one panel at a time.  A hood, roof, or trunk lid is considered two panels.  A liberal amount of spray wax would consist of 5-8 sprays, depending on the size of the panel.

graphene coating wax


This is what a liberal amount looks like on the surface.  Notice how it's wet with product.  Do not use a spray wax sparingly!

graphene coating wax


Chris is spreading out the Graphene Coating Wax after applying a liberal amount to the panel.

graphene coating wax

graphene coating wax


This is what the surface should look like after wiping with the first towel.  Notice how there is still a thin film of product:

graphene coating wax


At this point you would grab a second clean, dry towel to buff the surface to a streak-free, high gloss!

graphene coating wax


Optional technique, but not necessary, is to prime the application towel before using it for the first time.  The idea behind this technique is to reduce unnecessary absorption of the product back into the towel as you wipe.  I generally do not practice this technique because I use a liberal amount of spray wax on the surface anyway, ensuring more than adequate coverage.  

graphene coating wax


Simply repeat this process panel-by-panel until the entire vehicle has been waxed, stand back, and enjoy the shine!  McKee's 37 Graphene Coating Wax can be used as a stand-alone paint protectant, or as a booster over your favorite wax, sealant, or coating.  Besides paint, Graphene Coating Wax also works well on glass, plastic trim, chrome, and rubber surfaces as well.  You will absolutely LOVE Graphene Coating Wax - I guarantee it!

Thank you so much for reading!

Nick Rutter

On McKees37.com:

Graphene Coating Wax

Orange 365 Edgeless Microfiber Towels

Gold 360 Microfiber Towels

Graphene Coating Wax 150 oz. Refill Kit

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So…. how long should we expect the Spray Graphine to last and protect?

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