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By: Nick Rutter

October 1st, 2021


What, where, why, when, and how would I ever want to wash my car without using water?  Old-school customers, primarily with the names Jim, Jeff, Mark, Frank, and John like to ask me that question after stumbling upon our Ceramic Waterless Wash.  You can tell the terms "waterless" and "wash" aren't making the appropriate neuron connections in their brain, so after asking me that question, they tend to stare off into space until I fire back an answer.  Sometimes I won't respond right away, just to see how long they stay in a dazed and confused state before snapping out of it.  Just kidding, of course!

ceramic waterless wash

Reason behind the madness:

The waterless wash was introduced about 15 or so years ago, as an eco-friendly alternative to traditional washes.  Some countries and states do not allow you to perform a traditional wash with a free-flowing source of water, so the waterless wash has been a real life-saver to folks living in those regions.  The waterless wash is not to be confused with a rinseless wash.  The former is  a spray-on, wipe off solution, while the latter requires a bucket of water filled with 2 gallons of water.  I have a separate article that covers the rinseless wash.

Meat and potatoes:

To be honest, I was skeptical the first time I was introduced to a waterless wash as well.  And while I'm being honest, I should make it perfectly clear that a waterless wash is not intended to replace a traditional wash altogether, nor is it designed to remove heavy dirt, road film, and salt.  A waterless wash is best used to keep your vehicle clean and shiny in between regular washes.  A major benefit of a waterless wash is it only takes a few minutes, so you could technically clean your car on your lunchbreak at work, or even at a car show.  If you live in an area with water-restrictions, then a rinseless wash is going to be your go-to method in place of the traditional wash that requires a hose.  I'm especially fond of the waterless wash method to clean up my Miata before taking my wife on a date, because it's so fast and easy.  Bonus!

Ceramic Waterless Wash

Not all ceramic waterless wash products are created equal.  McKee's 37 Ceramic Waterless Wash is a high-lubricity formula that encapsulates, lifts, and traps dirt and grit particles, helping keep them away from the paint as you wipe the area clean with a microfiber towel.  What's more, Ceramic Waterless Wash enhances the gloss of your vehicle by depositing real ceramic protection.  Use it on all exterior surfaces, including paint, wheels, glass, chrome, and plastic trim.  Ceramic Waterless Wash can also be used to clean interiors as well.  It is arguably one of the most versatile products we manufacture.  Plus it smells great!

ceramic waterless wash

ceramic waterless wash


McKee's 37 Ceramic Waterless Wash is ready to use in the convenient spray bottle.

1.  Simply spray and wipe to clean surfaces. Use a plush microfiber towel (but not too plush!), such as the Gold 360 Microfiber Towel to absorb dirt. Flip the towel often.  When the towel becomes saturated with dirt and you can no longer expose a clean section, switch to a new towel.  Plan on using between 3 and 12 towels, depending on how dirty the vehicle is.  Use a grimy old towel for the wheels and exhaust tips.
2.  On lower panels - usually the dirtiest - allow Ceramic Waterless Wash to soak for a few seconds before wiping it off.
waterless car wash
ceramic waterless car wash

On glass, less Ceramic Waterless Wash is needed. Use a clean towel and just one or two sprays of Ceramic Waterless Wash.

how to waterless wash interior

For interiors, simply spray and wipe clean.  Do not spray directly onto LCD screens.  Instead, spray onto the towel, and then wipe those surfaces clean.

Closing Thoughts:

Ceramic Waterless Wash is not only a phenomenal cleaner, it's an incredibly versatile product as well.  With the understanding that a waterless wash is not intended to replace a traditional wash, you can reap the benefits of the instant gratification it provides by quickly and easily removing dirt and grime from all surfaces of your car, leaving it looking like you just spent an hour washing it with a bucket and hose.

The concentrated version of this formula is SiO2 Rinseless Wash. You can dilute this product 1/2 ounce for 22 ounces of water to create a ready-to-use waterless wash.  Mixing your own waterless wash will save you a tremendous amount of money!

Do you prefer to watch videos instead?  Then check out these great resources on Youtube!

How-To Ceramic Waterless Wash by McKee's 37

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