About McKee's 37

Robert McKee Enterprises (RME), the parent company of McKee’s 37, Nautical One, and Max's RV, is an American company that calls beautiful Stuart Florida home. We’re humbled that you selected us for all your surface care needs, and we promise you will not be disappointed by our products or services.

Bob McKee is the owner and founder of Robert McKee Enterprises. Bob is recognized as being the creator of, an online retailer for car care products. Bob created Autogeek with humble beginnings back in 1997, where the company was founded in the back of a store called The Driver’s Seat. Bob owned several Driver Seat locations at the time, all which were eventually sold when Bob decided to focus entirely on Autogeek. What started in a 400-square foot space with one employee eventually grew into a 50,000-square foot facility with 50 employees! In 2016, Autogeek was acquired by Tony George of the Hulman-George family, from Indianapolis, Indiana.

Tony George acquired every entity of Autogeek except the McKee’s 37 brand and the real-estate where Autogeek was located from 2009 to November 2021. Bob’s passion has always been to develop surface enhancement products, with evidence being the successful brands that he created or developed during his ownership of Autogeek: Pinnacle, Wolfgang, Marine 31, Pinnacle Black Label, and BLACKFIRE. 

With Autogeek sold to the Hulman-George family, Bob and his protégé Nick Rutter were able to focus entirely on the McKee's 37 brand.  From the time Bob sold Autogeek in 2016 to the present, the McKee's 37 brand has seen explosive growth, with distribution available all over the world.  In 2017 Wayne Carini, long-time friend of Bob McKee, became a partner in the McKee's 37 brand as well.  In 2019 Bob and Nick launched the Nautical One and Max's RV brand, two lines that specifically cater to customers with boats and RV's.

In the fall of 2021, when Autogeek's lease had been satisfied, Bob and Nick moved the entire operation back to the Autogeek building that Bob built from the ground-up in 2009.  The additional space allowed continued expansion of the McKee's 37, Nautical One, and Max's RV brands, with a beautiful 2,000 square foot showroom for local customers.  Bob and Nick host a Cars & Coffee at this location the first Saturday of every month, from 8 am to 10:30 am.  7744 Sw Jack James Dr., Stuart FL 34997. 

In 2023, Bob McKee's memoir "What a Ride: From Boardwalk to Boardroom" was released.  Click HERE to order a copy.

What's next for the McKee's 37, Nautical One, and Max's RV brands?  The sky is the limit!  Thank you for your continued support!

-Nick Rutter