Detailer's Knee & Back Mat


Protect your knees and back with these high-quality mats!

These mats are excellent, and frankly they're worth every penny.  The first time you feel the one-inch thick closed cell rubber foam, you'll agree.  These mats eliminate high frequency vibrations and keep the body in gentle motion to improve circulation and joint lubrication.  Use the Detailer's Knee & Back Mat as a cushion while working on concrete, or as a knee-pad or even a standing pad.  Detailer's Knee & Back Mat will reduce knee trauma and low back stress.  What's more, they're lightweight and easy to transport.  If the mat gets dirty, simply rinse it off with water.  

Features of the Detailer's Knee & Back Mat:

  • Made of 1” thick, heavy-duty closed cell foam rubber
  • Red safety caution bars alert 1” height
  • Will not compression set
  • Will not absorb liquids
  • Impervious to petroleum products
  • Self-extinguishing
  • Silicone-free

Available in 14 x 21 inch and 16 x 28 inch sizes.

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