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By: Nick Rutter


Fact check: Cleaning glass is something most of us struggle with.  Why?  Because most of us despise cleaning glass (likely because we struggle with it!).  If we don't like something, we typically put very little effort into it.  However, as you already know, there's few things as irritating as spending half the morning washing your car and making sure the paint, wheels, and trim are pristine, only to hop in the driver's seat and see streaks and smeary film.  Actually irritating isn't even the word to use, because it's maddening!  At that point you're tired, hot and sweaty, and your spouse is screaming that your breakfast is ready.

Reason behind the madness:

Not to sound like a broken record, but there's really no glory in glass cleaning.  I mean think about it for a second.  Has your neighbor ever popped his or her head over the fence and complimented how clean your windshield is?  No....but the chances are pretty good they've mentioned how glossy your paint looks, or how perfectly polished your wheels are.  We as people like to do things that result in praise from other people.  Why do you think every time you log on to Facebook, your best friend's college roommate posted their 38th selfie of the week?  You know, the one that looks just like selfie number 4....and 12....and 28.  I digress.

Meat and potatoes:

Moving on, there's a solution to your struggles (at least the ones that pertain to glass cleaning).  No...it's not a wadded up ball of last year's so-called news, or a diaper, or a special roll of paper towels that Costco discontinued years ago.  Cleaning glass, by my scientific measures, is 67.9% technique and 32.1% product.  Even though technique is most important, using the right product is the key to success, and that's where Krystal Vision Glass Cleaner saves the day.

krystal vision foaming glass cleaner

Krystal Vision Glass Cleaner

Krystal Vision Glass Cleaner is one of our best selling products, as you can imagine why.  It solves an issue that most of us struggle with - glass cleaning.  Of all the products we manufacture, it is the one that gets asked this question the most: What makes this "stuff" better than the "stuff" at the auto parts store for half the price?  Depending on my mood, I either respond by stating that selling this "stuff" allows me to feed my family and pay my mortgage (both true), or I dig in to the technical details and explain why and how it's better than the cheaper "stuff."  The latter answer is usually better received, from a moral and sales perspective!  

No ammonia, which accounts for the neutral smell. Ammonia is an effective solvent but it destroys window tinting. Most makers of car care products have long ago discontinued the use of ammonia in glass cleaners. McKee's 37 Krystal Vision is safe on all tinted windows.

No alcohol.  Alcohol is the key ingredient in many glass cleaners, but the state of California has limited the amount of alcohol that can be present in a glass cleaner. Alcohol is a VOC and therefore, we had to stay away from it when formulating this new glass cleaner.

Instead of alcohol or ammonia, McKee's 37 Krystal Vision Glass Cleaner contains non-ionic surfactants. These specialized molecules are non-reactive and nontoxic. They encapsulate oil and dirt and suspend it in the water-based emulsion. When you wipe away the wetness, you wipe away the dirt.

Krystal Vision Glass Cleaner is available in two flavors: a pump spray, and an aerosol.  

krystal vision glass cleaner
tips for cleaning glass

Secret to cleaning exterior glass:

  1.  I prefer to use the aerosol version for cleaning the exterior glass.  In my experience, it's more effective at cutting through greasy films.  This is a moot point if your windshield is relatively clean though, like after just washing your car.  In that case, you can get away with the pump spray version (which is fantastic in every application regardless - I'm just getting down to the nitty-gritty details here).
  2.  A common mistake I see often is how much cleaner someone uses.  You want to have A LOT of working product on the surface to encapsulate, lift, and dissolve the greasy, oily film.  If you only spray a small amount of cleaner onto the surface, it will result in a smeary, hazy film much like what you started with.
  3.  Use the Spider Glass Towel.  We developed this towel specifically for cleaning glass.  It is constructed of a unique lightweight microfiber with a fancy diamond pattern that scrubs away contaminants.  Do yourself a favor and buy a 10 pack of these amazing towels!
  4.  Flip your towel often!  And use more than one towel to clean a windshield!  Use one towel for cleaning, and the second for buffing.  
  5.  After you clean a section, spray a little more cleaner onto the surface and perform a final wipe with your buffing towel.
  6.  Wipe in one direction for exterior (side to side), and the opposite (up and down) for interior.  This will help you identify whether streaks are on exterior or interior glass.


how to clean glass
glass towels
how to clean windshield

Secret to cleaning interior glass:

  1.  For the inside windows I prefer to use the pump spray version of Krystal Vision Glass Cleaner.  This avoids the foamy overspray of the aerosol version.  Since Krystal Vision Glass Cleaner forgoes harsh chemicals, any over spray that accidentally gets on dash boards and door panels is easily removed without causing any damage.  Krystal Vision Glass Cleaner does not have a strong fragrance either, so it will not make those with sensitive noses cough as you spray it inside your interior.
  2.  Just like you did on the exterior glass, it's important that you use an ample amount of product.
  3.  Wipe clean with a Spider Glass Towel, then use a second towel to buff to a streak-free shine.  Remember, flip your towel often!
  4.  Don't forget, wipe in the opposite direction of when you cleaned the exterior glass, so you can determine if streaks are on exterior or interior glass. 
krystal vision glass cleaner

Closing Thoughts:

Cleaning glass doesn't have to be as big a chore as you make it out to be.  Like anything else, having the best product and proper technique results in success every time.  I would encourage you to give Krystal Vision Glass Cleaner a shot.  Using this cleaner will help you avoid the headache of dealing with streaky, smeary films on glass, so you can spend more time making sure your paint is flawless.  Who knows, you might even get recognition from your neighbor for how clean your windshield is!  Just please, stay away from the social-media selfies.

Do you prefer to watch videos instead?  Then check out these great resources on Youtube!

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