Xtreme Iron Remover

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Use this cleaner once andyou'll wonder how you ever detailed without it! 

McKee's 37 Xtreme Iron Remover solves an issue that plagues virtually every vehicle on the road today - iron contamination. Iron contamination is a real issue for old and new cars alike. A brand new car can have HORRIBLE iron contamination and left untreated the iron particles will cause corrosion to the precious thin clear coat paint that comes on a brand new car. McKee's 37 Xtreme Iron Remover is the solution to removing iron particles to maximize the gloss potential of your paint!

McKee's 37 Xtreme Iron Remover is pH-balanced and 100% acid-free, so you can use it on every exterior surface with confidence. Simply spray this powerful cleaner directly onto all exterior surfaces and wait a few minutes for it to turn red as it dissolves ferrous (iron containing) particles, leaving your paint glossy, smooth, and bright. Then, wash your vehicle as you normally would and then apply a coat of your favorite wax or sealant. Your vehicle's paint will appear glossier than it ever has! Don't stop at your paint! McKee's 37 Xtreme Iron Remover works wonders on old, neglected wheels too. Years of caked-on brake dust doesn't stand a chance against McKee's 37 Xtreme Iron Remover.

Question: Does using an iron remover take the place of using detailing clay?

Answer: No. Iron removers only remove iron contamination. Iron removers will not remove non-iron contaminants like overspray paint, tree sap mist, industrial fallout, traffic pollution, airborne dirt and other airborne contaminants. It's still very important to use a clay bar when you detail your vehicle.

Question: Which order do you decontaminate a car?

Answer: You always start with chemical decontamination (ie: Xtreme Iron Remover) followed by mechanical decontamination (ie: Clay Bar). The reason why is because if there are any forms of iron contaminants bonded onto or embedded into your car's paint - if you were to remove them with detailing clay, you would risk rubbing them over the paint potentially instilling scratches into the paint. This is why you do the chemical decontamination first, to avoid the risk of rubbing iron particles over the paint and scratching it.

22 oz.

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    Paul L.
    United States United States

    Xtreme Iron Remover

    This product is brilliant. I use it every time I wash my car to assure there are no iron particles embedded in the paint. I believe this is the key to assuring a scratch free wash process. After spraying the car down with this product and removing it with a foam car wash, the car looks like it was just washed before a put a wash cloth on the vehicle. Just outstanding!!

    romel d.
    United States United States

    McKee's 37 Iron Remover

    They aren't kidding when they say Iron Remover. This product really does remove iron particles, industrial fallout and what not that sticks to the paint that a normal wash cannot remove. It is visible when it is sprayed onto the painted surface it starts dripping purple revealing paint contamination. Wash it down with the McKee's 37 on top of that and then follow it with a clay or clay mitt should give you full contamination removal before going to the polishing and waxing stages. I love the products and will continue to be a McKee's 37 supporter as my number one go to car detailing supplier.

    Socrates T.
    United States United States

    Worked as intended

    This was a great purchase. Doesn't have that strong egg smell like others. Which made it easier for me to let the product dwell a lot longer. What I did notice is it works a lot better on a dry surface. Meaning after my wash dry the vehicle than spray on. Compared to how I'm used to applying wet with others. Ideally you are supposed to put it on a dry vehicle. Was not a big deal. Overall great product. Definitely will purchase again!

    Edison C.
    United States United States

    It's Like Magic

    Did a great job of removing rust I couldn't even see.

    Paul L.

    Outstanding Iron Decontaminate

    This is one of the most impressive products I have every used. It dissolves all iron contamination from every vehicle service-body,wheels,etc- and once rinsed off leaves the car super clean. It does such an excellent job you may wonder if you already washed the vehicle. It really assures all iron fallout is removed, minimizing the potential for particulates scratching the vehicle during the washing process. I basically use it as the first step each time I wash a vehicle. My compliments to the chemist.