Wheel Woolies Caliper Spoke Wheel Brush


Designed to clean behind spokes and between the brake caliper and wheel!

Wheel Woolies Caliper Spoke Wheel Brush is by the same folks that brought you the regular Wheel Woolies that have become a staple in detail shops all over the world.  These 100% synthetic brushes feature the same ingenious design as the regular Wheel Woolies, except they are bent at the end to clean behind spokes and other hard to reach areas.  Wheel Woolies are designed to be safe on all wheel finishes, including painted, clear coated, polished, aluminum, and chrome.  Wheel Woolies feature a long handle with a non-slip grip.  This keeps your hands clean and protected as you clean your wheels.  

Available sizes:

Medium 12 Inch

Medium 18 Inch

Large 18 Inch

The size (medium or large) is indicative of the size of the head.  The length is how long the brush is front top to bottom.  

Made in USA

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