Wheel Woolies 5 Piece Detailing Brush Set

Every detailer should have a set of these brushes in their arsenal of supplies!

Wheel Woolies 5 Piece Detailing Brush Set includes 5 different types of brushes that cover all your car care needs.  When a larger brush just doesn't cut it, look no further than the Wheel Woolies 5 Piece Detailing Brush Set.  Each brush excels at any given area, from removing wax from plastic trim, to agitating dirt and debris from perforated leather, and everything in between

The Wheel Woolies 5 Piece Detailing Brush Set includes:

Brass Wire Scratch Brush.  Stiff wire brush that will not scratch harder metals like stainless steel

Extra Stiff Pad Cleaning Brush.  Nylon stiff enough to remove caked on polish from polishing pads

Stiff Nylon Brush.  Designed to clean stubborn areas on pedals and floor mats as well as engine bays

Stiff Stainless Steel Wire.  This brush is used to remove rust and other stubborn dirt when the finish does not need to be protected.

Piping and Upholstery Brush.  Stiff black horse hair trimmed to a chisel tip make this brush ideal for cleaning the crevice around upholstery piping and other narrow areas without fraying the fabric.  

Made in USA.

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