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Universal Clay Mitt - Fine Grade

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Like a clay bar, but better!

The McKee's 37 Universal Clay Mitt smooths your paint by removing bonded contaminants that leave the surface rough and gritty feeling. Use the McKee's 37 Universal Clay Mitt before waxing or polishing to create a clean foundation for the protective coating to adhere. The McKee's 37 Universal Clay Mitt removes contaminants like bug splatter, industrial fallout, paint over spray, rail dust, tree sap and other harmful contaminants that will wreak havoc if not properly removed. The McKee's 37 Universal Clay Mitt is a must before every detail. The Fine Grade is ideal for newer or well-maintained vehicles.

The smoother your vehicle's paint, the longer your wax, sealant, or ceramic coating will last. The McKee's 37 Universal Clay Mitt goes a step further than washing by mechanically abrading the bonded contaminants so they can be wiped (or rinsed) off the surface. The secret to the effectiveness of the McKee's 37 Universal Clay Mitt is the rubberized polymer coating on one side of the mitt. This high-tech coating shaves off bonded contaminants without dulling or scratching the finish. Genius!

The McKee's 37 Universal Clay Mitt has a surface area that's 10 times larger than that of a clay bar. This saves you time and money! Unlike a clay bar that you have to hold with your fingers, the McKee's 37 Universal Clay Mitt is worn on your hand like a wash mitt. If you accidentally drop it on the ground (which is unlikely!), you can simply rinse it off and continue with the paint cleansing process.

The McKee's 37 Universal Clay Mitt can be used one of two ways. The first would use car wash soap as the lubricant. For this application you would use the mitt after you wash the vehicle, but before you dry it. The same bucket you used for the wash process would suffice unless the soapy water was heavily contaminated. The second would be the more traditional method, while the car is dry. You would use a clay lubricant such as McKee's 37 Universal Clay Lubricant, and simply work panel-by-panel removing the lubricant with a microfiber towel after you finish each section.

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    Universal Clay Mitt - Fine Grade

    Wow, this is great to use, easy and quick. Beats to old clay every day!

    JOE A.