Professional 36 Ounce Detail Bottle with Dilution Ratios

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I search the world high and low for the best detailing supplies, and the Professional 36 Ounce Detail Bottle with Dilution Ratios is proof. This heavy-duty PVC spray bottle can withstand any detailing chemical, including wheel acids, and promises to outlast any other bottle on the market. The short, stout design with flat bottom ensures the bottle doesn't easily tip over, saving you from accidentally spilling any detailing chemicals. The built-in dilution ratios (range from 1:1 to 1:10) make it easier than ever to dilute your favorite product, from all purpose cleaners to Hydro Blue and everything in between.
36 ounces. Includes sprayer.

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    Fazal J.
    United States

    Excellet bottle

    Got this for my Hydro Blue and Hydro Blue Pro. So far happy with the bottle. The wide base is great for stability and the measuring marks can be very handy. Also I must add that the packaging was very impressive. These guys wrapped and padded everything, never seen anything like it. Great job!

    Michael S.
    United States United States

    Like the bottle, a tad bit disappointed in the sprayer itself.

    I recently ordered some N-914 (absolutely love!), SiO2 Rinseless Wash (really like....need more time with it), and a 36 ounce detail bottle for mixing the SiO2. I can't seem to find the right setting for the nozzle. It's either to light with an odd spray pattern, or it's too heavy with a stream that splatters everywhere. I can't fine-tune the nozzle to get right spray setting, so to speak. Doesn't matter though, I've already replaced it. I've got so many empty bottles from various products that I swapped it out (the black spray nozzle from Adam's Detail Spray if you are interested, really nice dispersion and atomizing) and I'm getting the desired spray pattern now. Did I mention that I luv the N-914!! ;-) -mike


    Thanks for the review, Mike. I've been selling these sprayers for 12 years and this is the first time I've heard a complaint regarding their adjustability. I would like to offer you a merchandise credit, if you could please contact me with your order number. Thank you! - Nick

    Jacob H.
    United States United States

    A Great Companion To the McKee's 37 N-914 Rinseless Wash

    So far I can say that this spray bottle is exactly what I was needing. I bought this as a companion to the McKee's 37 N-914 rinseless wash so that I could use it diluted as a clay lubricant and present a very professional appearance to my clientele. I also wanted to have a nice spray bottle to represent the McKee's 37 brand as I love to use Sprayers branded for the products that are used in them as it creates a better synergy for the whole presentation of the detail. I haven't had any leaking or problems with the sprayer and I've found my self reaching for the sprayer which is filled with the McKee's 37 N-914 waterless wash more and more for various tasks like cleaning my stainless steel table before inspecting and folding microfiber towels. This sprayer has a good feel to it and I present it with pride when I set it down on my cart or table. I'd imagine that as long as you don't abuse it it will hold up. As I've learned with most sprayers, be sure to turn the adjustment for the sprayer all the way off during warmer weather to prevent pressure causining the sprayer to leak. You can fine tune the sprayer to atomize product as you'd like, and there may be limitations to how finely you can adjust, but for my application it works perfect. The trigger squeeze is nice and very controllable. The bottle does seem to be made of a material that could become brittle in colder temperatures. There are lots of different options and markings for dilution ratios on the bottle which I likely won't use, but find as a really nice feature just I case I do need them.

    Ross D.
    United States United States

    Spray nozzles

    The bottle is very handy in measuring out the proper ratio for different products. It will pay for itself quickly buy taking advantage of buying bigger size and ratio out properly for less waste and proper strength. My problem I am having is the nozzles. Unless you clean them often they don’t work well. This is especially the case with the wheel cleaner, can’t tell you how many nozzles I have gone through. If you have any recommendations how to care for them let me know.


    Great spray bottle, very fair price!

    Had played around with several other products until I found this bottle spray combination. I like the measuring lines on the bottle and that it is made of clear plastic.