Pressure Washer Foam Cannon HP Kit

For a limited time receive a FREE brass male nipple connector! The connector makes it easy to attach to your pressure washer.  Note: some pressure washers require a special adapter. 

Get more foam for a safer wash! 

The McKee's 37 Pressure Washer Foam Cannon HP Kit turns your pressure washer into a foam-creating machine that blankets your vehicle in mounds of fluffy suds. This high-powered foam gun practically turns your driveway into a touches car wash, making the process of washing your vehicle safer and more effective. The copious amounts of suds from your favorite high-quality car wash soap, like McKee's 37 Extreme Foam Formula or Power Wash, provide lots of lubrication so that you can safely rinse away even the toughest grime without creating wash-induced swirl marks!

Touching your vehicle incorrectly can spell disaster for delicate paint. We're talking swirl marks, RIDS (random isolated deep scratches), and other blemishes that hinder the shine in your vehicle's paint. Each scratch breaks up light so that it can't reflect a smooth glossy surface and, to put it simply, scratches don't look good! Your first line of defense in keeping paint smooth and glossy is proper washing technique, and the McKee's 37 Pressure Washer Foam Cannon HP Kit provides the perfect means to that end. The McKee's 37 Foam Cannon hooks up to your standard pressure washer, and creates the incredible amounts of foam your car needs. Add some McKee's 37 Extreme Foam Formula or Power Wash to the reservoir and get ready for foam! With just a few passes, your entire vehicle will be coated with foam that immediately begins loosening up dirt and grime so that you can rinse it away.

The McKee's 37 Foam Cannon requires as little as ONE OUNCE of McKee's 37 Extreme Foam Formula or Power Wash to create enough foam to coat your entire vehicle. The cannon is rated for a whopping 5.3 gallons per minute, which means you get high-powered cleaning with very little effort on your part. A presoak with foam from the McKee's 37 Pressure Washer Foam Cannon HP Kit means less manual removal of contaminants, which means far less likelihood of wash induced swirl marks.

  • Rated Pressure:         160 bar - 16 MPa - 2300 psi
  • Permissible Pressure: 180 bar - 18 MPa - 2600 psi
  • Rated Flow Rate:       20 l/min, 5.3 gallons/min
  • Rated Temperature:   60℃, 140℉
  • Tank:                       1 L - 0.264 G

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