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Porter Plow Snow Broom Standard

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Includes our two best-selling winter care products

The Porter Plow Snow Removal Combo is a must for anyone living in northern climates where ice and snow dominate the winter months.  Use the Porter Plow Snow Broom to safely remove snow without scratching your vehicle's painted surfaces.  For stubborn ice on the windshield, a quick spray of McKee's 37 Frost Bite De-Icer Spray melts it in seconds, increasing safety.  If you take winter seriously, then the Porter Plow Snow Removal Combo should be in your backseat this winter.

The Porter Plow Snow Removal Combo includes:

Porter Plow Snow Broom

The McKee's 37 Porter Plow Snow Broom is an essential tool that makes it easier than ever to safely remove heavy snow fall from your vehicle! Unlike brushes that instill scratches and swirl marks, the polyethylene construction of the McKee's 37 Porter Plow Snow Broom removes snow quickly, safely, and easily.

If you've ever lived in the snow belt, you know what a bear it can be to remove snow before driving to work, especially when the temps are near zero. The McKee's 37 Porter Plow Snow Broom, with its 48 inch fiberglass handle, provides maximum reach, even for those of you with height challenges.

The McKee's 37 Porter Plow Snow Broom is an incredible tool. If I was back in my home state of New Jersey, I would have one for each vehicle. Pair this with my Frost Bite Ice & Snow De-Icer and you have a 1-2 punch for fast, effective snow and ice removal. Did I mention the McKee's 37 Porter Plow Snow Broom weigh less than 2 lbs with the handle? You simply cannot beat the versatility.

Includes 48 inch fiberglass handle.

16 oz. McKee's 37 Frost Bite Ice & Snow De-Icer

McKee's 37 Frost Bite Ice & Snow De-Icer is your best line of defense against inclement winter weather. Keeping a bottle of Frost Bite De-Icer in your vehicle makes it easier than ever to clear snow and ice from your windshield, windows, and side mirrors. This advanced formula immediately begins to break up stubborn ice and snow the moment it is sprayed onto your vehicle. Using Frost Bite De-Icer significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to clear your vehicle of snow and ice in the morning and after work. What's more, Frost Bite De-Icer helps reduce future build up of snow and ice. Use in conjunction with McKee's 37 Frost Bite Ice Scraper and Anti-Frost Windshield Washer Concentrate for increased safety during inclement winter weather.

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