Nick's Summer Wash & Gloss Special

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Wash your car....Nick Rutter style!

Nick's Summer Wash & Gloss Special contains the must-have products for washing your car this summer! Watch Nick's how-to video to learn exactly the best way to wash your vehicle in the scorching heat of summer, without causing any water spots! Nick's Summer Wash & Gloss Special includes:

32 oz. McKee's 37 Power Wash

McKee's 37 Power Wash is a high-foaming, wax-infused shampoo that gently removes dirt and road grime while adding real carnauba wax protection to your vehicle. McKee's 37 Power Wash is the only high-yield foaming auto shampoo that contains carnauba wax, increasing protection and shine after every wash. The thick, rich foam created by McKee's 37 Power Wash encapsulates dirt particles, eliminating the chance of wash-induced swirl marks and scratches. McKee's 37 Power Wash is the auto shampoo that does it all!

22 oz. McKee's 37 Hydro Blue SiO2 Coating

What if we told you that coating your vehicle with protection that lasts 3 months or longer was as simple as spraying on and rinsing off with a hose? McKee's 37 Hydro Blue does exactly that. This highly-advanced Sio2 coating is applied exactly as described above; waxing your car has never been this easy. McKee's 37 Hydro Blue can be used as a stand-alone form of paint protection, or as a booster for your favorite paint, glass, or wheel coating. That's right: McKee's 37 Hydro Blue is 100% safe for ALL exterior surfaces.

30 x 50 Inch Glacier 1100 Drying Towel

There's more to microfiber than what meets the eye - literally! One strand of the Glacier 1100's microfiber is over 100 times smaller than a human hair. The fibers are so fine that it's impossible for the naked eye to see them. With over 200,000 strands per square inch, this incredible technology is what allows the Glacier 1100 to absorb such an enormous amount of water. What does this mean for you? Less effort! How many times have you dried your vehicle after washing it, only to see streaks and smears the next day? That's not the case with the Glacier 1100 - even on glass! You see, this incredible towel is two towels sewn together. Not only does this make the Glacier 1100 more effective at drying your automobile, it makes for a fantastic value as well! To save on costs without sacrificing quality, the Glacier 1100's Korean microfiber was cut and sewn in China. This allowed me to offer a premium towel at a not-so-premium price. You're welcome!

Cyclone Microfiber Wash Mitt

TRC's new CYCLONE Wash Mitt is absolutely the FINEST Professional Quality Plush Microfiber Detailing Wash Mitt Value You Will Find - Premium Korean Quality, Premium Performance, and Premium TRC Value! You'll find many of our competitors selling their own premium wash mitts of similar quality and performance at more than twice the price. These are NOT "cheap knock-off's" made from inferior materials.

McKee's 37 Variable Speed Mini Car Dryer PRO

There are very few things as frustrating when detailing your car as water dripping from cracks, emblems, trim, and side mirrors after you wash and dry it. Not only does this prevent you from completing the job so you can go inside and enjoy an ice-cold beverage, it can lead to unsightly water spots as well. The McKee's 37 Mini Car Dryer solves that issue by directing a powerful blast of warm, filtered air that forces water out of cracks, crevices, emblems, grilles, and anywhere else water resides after washing your vehicle. Its lightweight design (only 3 pounds!) and 12-foot power cord provide added convenience.

Included attachments:

  • Non-scratch rubber neoprene nozzle (for tight spaces)
  • Air fan nozzle (for larger panels)
  • EZ Change foam filter
  • 12-foot heavy-duty power cord
  • Air Volume: 160MPH/85CFM Air Speed: 18,000 FPM
  • HP Motor: 1.3
  • Amps: 8
  • Volts: 120
  • Watts: 950
  • 25 Foot Power Cord
  • Warranty: 1 YEAR WARRANTY

Kit includes
32 oz. McKee's 37 Power Wash
22 oz. McKee's 37 Hydro Blue SiO2 Coating
30 x 50 Inch Glacier 1100 Drying Towel
Cyclone Microfiber Wash Mitt
McKee's 37 Variable Speed Mini Car Dryer PRO

Total retail value of $274.95. You save $100!

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    Nick's car washing video.

    I guess you don't generally solicit feedback on videos. I would like to add something I do every time I wash a vehicle is to open all doors shortly afterwards to allow any water to drain and then thoroughly dry door jams etc.