Metro 8.0 HP Super Vac N Blaster

The most powerful consumer vacuum and car dryer available!

The Metro 8.0 HP Super Vac N Blaster is what car guys and detailing enthusiasts have been asking for for years - a version of the hugely popular Master Blaster with the ability to be used as a vacuum cleaner!  The Metro 8.0 HP Super Vac N Blaster features two 4.0 peak horsepower twin-fan motors that provide a whopping 141 inches of lift.  Not only does the Metro 8.0 HP Super Vac N Blaster have more than enough power to vacuum or dry your car, it includes all the best attachments for cleaning every nook and cranny inside your vehicle.

Save space in your garage with the Metro 8.0 HP Super Vac N Blaster!  This powerful vacuum and car dryer combination includes everything you need to mount it on the wall.  The super-long 30 foot commercial-grade hose provides more than enough length to work your way around your entire vehicle, whether you're drying it or vacuuming it!  

The Metro 8.0 HP Super Vac N Blaster blows heated ,filtered air to quickly dry your vehicle.  The advantage of using a car dryer versus a towel is you avoid touching the paint altogether, which eliminates the chance of inducing swirl marks or scratches with a towel.  Plus, using the Metro 8.0 HP Super Vac N Blaster to dry your vehicle makes it so you're able to blast water from cracks and crevices, to avoid annoying droplets of water later in the day.  

Whether you're detailing professionally or just taking care of your own vehicles, the Metro 8.0 HP Super Vac N Blaster will save you time and aggravation when it comes time to vacuum the interior.  Stubborn dirt, dog hair, crumbs, twigs, and anything else that becomes embedded in your vehicle's upholstery doesn't stand a chance against the two 4.0 peak horsepower twin-fan motors of the Metro 8.0 HP Super Vac N Blaster.  What's more, the included attachments ensure you have exactly what you need to vacuum in between the seats, air vents, interior trim, and more!

Made in USA


Dual Power Unit with Wheels, Wall Mounting Bracket, 30' x 1.5" commercial quality Car Wash Hose, 10 Foot Car Dryer hose with blower nozzle, Car Wash Quality 1.5" "claw" upholstery/carpet tool, and 1.5" crevice tool, 1.5" to 1.25" hose cuff for use with the following: 2 - 20" Extension Wands, 4 piece Micro Detailing Kit, Blower Nozzle, Floor Brush, Inflator Adapter, Pik-All Upholstery Nozzle, Dust Brush, Crevice Tool, Hose Bracket, Attachment Holder, 3 Paper Bags, 12' Grounded Cord Set.

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