Max's RV Vinyl Decal & Paint Care Kit

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Clean and protect your RV's vinyl

Max's RV Vinyl Decal & Paint Care Kit contains the basic tools you need to keep your RV's exterior surfaces looking its best. Most RVs feature plenty of vinyl decals and most RV owners are at a loss as to how to care for them. Not you - you have the Max's RV Vinyl Decal & Paint Care Kit! The kit features Max's RV Vinyl Decal & Graphic Restorer, a nourishing conditioner that restores the like-new look of vinyl, and Max's RV Vinyl Decal Ceramic Sealant to seal in the beauty, plus Max's RV Ceramic Wash & Wax to maintain the shine! The Max's RV Vinyl Decal & Paint Care Kit is a must have combo for anyone who owns an RV adorned with vinyl graphics. 

The Max's RV Vinyl Decal & Paint Care Kit Includes:

Max's RV Vinyl Decal & Graphic Restorer

Max's RV Vinyl Decal & Graphic Restorer helps restore the look of faded graphics and decals and protects new ones. This unique formula features a polymer-based conditioner fortified with nourishing oils that penetrate deep below the surface to lift dirt, grime, and road film away revealing the original beauty of the material. Not only will the decal be cleaned, but the polymers add a water-resistant film to lock out contaminants and guard against UV rays, keeping that like-new look for longer.

Max's RV Vinyl Decal Ceramic Sealant

Max’s RV Vinyl Decal Ceramic Sealant is your best line of defense against premature cracking and fading of vinyl decals and graphics on your boat or RV.  This high-grade ceramic formula is packed full of UV inhibitors that protect vinyl decals and graphics from the damaging effects of the sun, including fading, discoloring, cracking, and peeling.  Regular application will keep your vinyl decals and graphics looking new.  The hydrophobic shell of protection causes water to bead up and roll off, taking dirt and grime with it.  Use on brand new decals to protect them, or as the top coat over decals that have been previously restored using Max’s RV Vinyl Decal & Graphic Restorer.

Max's RV Ceramic Wash & Wax

Max's RV Ceramic Wash & Wax produces a thick, rich lather to remove the dirt, grime, and bugs that end up on your RV. This pH-balanced, environmentally-friendly formula forgoes the harsh detergents and butyl alcohols to ensure the best clean possible without risk of damaging gelcoat, clear coat, painted, chrome. or other surfaces. Max's RV Ceramic Wash & Wax not only cleans without leaving water spots behind, it also deposits gloss boosting carnauba in its wake, making it the perfect choice for your RV!

Premium Microfiber Towel

The Premium Microfiber Towel is made of incredibly soft and plush microfiber in a handy 16 x 16 inch size. It's perfect for quick detailing and pampers every surface it touches. The Premium Gold Microfiber Towel measures 16 x 16 inches and features an outstanding 70/30 blend of polyester and polyamide. The microfiber's weight is 380 g/m², making one very soft, thick towel!

Foam Wax Applicators

Wipe on your Vinyl Decal & Graphic Restorer with one of these absorbent, nonabrasive foam pads. The foam is a high quality, closed cell variety that resists drips and smears as it applies products evenly.

Kit Includes:

16 oz. Max's RV Vinyl Decal & Graphic Restorer
16 oz. Max's RV Ceramic Wash & Wax
22 oz. Max's RV Vinyl Decal Ceramic Sealant
Premium Microfiber Towel
Foam Wax Applicators

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    Randy S.

    rv decal restorer

    Works well , if your decals are in bad shape it will not make them new but will help keep them from getting worse, if decals are in good shape it adds a nice shine.