Max's RV Vinyl Decal Ceramic Sealant

Protect new or freshly restored graphics and vinyl decals!

Max’s RV Vinyl Decal Ceramic Sealant is your best line of defense against premature cracking and fading of vinyl decals and graphics on your boat or RV.  This high-grade ceramic formula is packed full of UV inhibitors that protect vinyl decals and graphics from the damaging effects of the sun, including fading, discoloring, cracking, and peeling.  Regular application will keep your vinyl decals and graphics looking new.  The hydrophobic shell of protection causes water to bead up and roll off, taking dirt and grime with it.  Use on brand new decals to protect them, or as the top coat over decals that have been previously restored using Max’s RV Vinyl Decal & Graphic Restorer.


Wash and dry surface before applying.  Shake well.  If decals are faded or oxidized, use Max’s RV Vinyl Decal & Graphic Restorer first.  Spray Vinyl Decal Ceramic Sealant directly onto the surface and buff with a microfiber towel.  Repeat this process section by section until all the decals have been protected.  Overspray will not cause any damage to surrounding panels. 

22 oz.

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