Little EZ Detail Brush

You will be hard-pressed to find a nook orcranny this brush cannot clean!

The Little EZ Detail Brush is the little brother to the Big EZ Detail Brush, featuring the same unique design characteristics that make its older sibling a best seller! The Little EZ Detail Brush is small enough to clean between brake calipers and the wheel, grilles, engine bays, motorcycles, and so much more! Use the Little EZ Detail Brush to clean where no other brush can reach!

Like the Big EZ Detail Brush, the Little EZ Detail Brush features patented nylon nylex bristles, a reinforced vinyl coated flexible step, knuckle guards, and more!
The Big EZ Detail Brush is perfect for cleaning larger wheels, but what about vehicles equipped with average size wheels ranging from 15 to 18 inches? That's where the Little EZ Detail Brush shines! Smaller wheels need a smaller brush!

The generous length of 13 inches ensures maximum reach, even for wider wheels. The durable non-scratch sleeve protects the wheels from getting scratches, while the rubber knuckle guard protects your hands! The secret to the incredible cleaning ability of the Little EZ Detail Brush lies in its nylon nylex bristles. This proprietary technology creates bristles that regain their shape, even after thousands of uses. That's not all! The 2.5 inch diameter of the bristles are wide enough to clean larger wheels, yet these incredible bristles can flatten against the stem to clean between the wheel's barrel and brake caliper. Genius!

Use the Little EZ Detail Brush with confidence! This brush was designed to safely clean all types of wheel finishes, including chrome, polishes, aluminum, anodized, painted, and clear coated! But don't stop at your wheels! The Little EZ Detail Brush works great for cleaning your car's grille, engine bay, exhaust, and virtually anywhere else a conventional brush cannot reach. It excels at motorcycle detailing as well!

13 inches long.

Made in USA

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