Leather & Vinyl Scrub Brush

Tackle the tough stuff with ease!

Natural tampico fibers are incredibly effective scrubbing tools, especially for leather and vinyl upholstery that needs a little TLC. That's why my team and I brought in these nifty scrub brushes, aptly named the Leather & Vinyl Scrub Brush. They're small, easy to hold onto, and inexpensive enough where it makes sense to buy two instead of one. When you're up against leather and vinyl that hasn't been cleaned in longer than it should, or if you're simply trying to remove a stubborn stain, the Leather & Vinyl Scrub Brush might just save the day.

The Leather & Vinyl Scrub Brush is small enough that you can grasp it firmly, enabling maximum scrubbing power when dealing with difficult stains. Use it in conjunction with Total Interior Cleaner or Leather Shampoo 70/30 and watch months or even years of dirt and grime gently scrub away. When you're finished cleaning, apply the appropriate protectant and call it a day!

Buy two brushes! Leave one at home in the detailing cabinet, and put the other in your glove box. You never know when you'll need to use the Leather & Vinyl Scrub Brush! 1.25 x 4.75 inches.