Hydro Blue Foam & Coat Wash Kit

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Get ready for a clean car that beads water like never before!

The McKee's 37 Hydro Blue Foam & Coat Wash Kit is the perfect combination of products you need to keep your car sparkling clean and beading water like mad! This all-inclusive kit starts with the basics: A McKee's 37 Bucket with Gamma Seal Lid and Grit Guard for proper washing without risking swirls. Add to that the McKee's 37 Quart Foamaster Foam Gun along with McKee's 37 SiO2 Auto Wash, and now you've got a foam party right in your driveway! Once your vehicle is squeaky clean, a quick application of McKee's 37 Hydro Blue will dramatically increase gloss, boost protection, and keep water beading with very little effort on your part. The McKee's 37 Hydro Blue Foam & Coat Wash Kit is a must have for detailers of all skill levels!

The McKee's 37 Hydro Blue Foam & Coat Wash Kit Includes:

McKee's 37 5 Gallon Wash Bucket Combo

The McKee's 37 5 Gallon Wash Bucket Combo includes 3 essential accessories that every person needs to wash their car. This money-saving combo includes our rugged 5-gallon wash bucket that's guaranteed not to crack after countless uses, the revolutionary Grit Guard Insert, and the award-winning Gamma Seal Lid. Just add your favorite McKee's 37 shampoo and you'll be equipped to make your car clean and shiny!

McKee's 37 Quart Foamaster Foam Gun

The idea behind a foam gun is to minimize the amount of rubbing and scrubbing necessary to clean the vehicle by pre-soaking it with frothy foam. The foam starts loosening and lubricating the paint immediately. As you work your way down and around the vehicle with a mitt or sponge, you don't have to use as much force to remove dirt and debris. It's already loose and just needs slight agitation to release it from the paint surface. This gentle touch substantially decreases the risk of micro-marring because the paint is covered in a foamy layer of lubrication. Used in combination with a premium car shampoo, the Foamaster is a guaranteed safe way to wash your vehicle.

16 oz.McKee's 37 Sio2 Auto Wash

McKee's 37 Sio2 Auto Wash was formulated for the unique cleaning requirements of vehicles that are coated with a paint, wheel, or glass coating. This thick, luxurious shampoo creates mountains of foamy suds that encapsulate dirt and grit particles, leaving behind an extremely glossy finish! You can confidently use McKee's 37 Sio2 Auto Wash in direct sun because this pH-balanced, non-alkaline shampoo contains water-softeners that reduce spotting. Works equally well on non-coated vehicles as a gloss-enhancing auto wash. Your vehicle has never looked this good after a simple wash!

22 oz. McKee's 37 Hydro Blue SiO2 Coating

What if we told you that coating your vehicle with protection that lasts 3 months or longer was as simple as spraying on and rinsing off with a hose? McKee's 37 Hydro Blue does exactly that. This highly-advanced Sio2 coating is applied exactly as described above; waxing your car has never been this easy. McKee's 37 Hydro Blue can be used as a stand-alone form of paint protection, or as a booster for your favorite paint, glass, or wheel coating. That's right: McKee's 37 Hydro Blue is 100% safe for ALL exterior surfaces.

16 x 16 Inch McKee's 37 Glacier 1100 Drying Towel

How many times have you dried your vehicle after washing it, only to see streaks and smears the next day? That's not the case with the Glacier 1100 - even on glass! You see, this incredible towel is two towels sewn together. Not only does this make the Glacier 1100 more effective at drying your automobile, it makes for a fantastic value as well! To save on costs without sacrificing quality, the Glacier 1100's Korean microfiber was cut and sewn in China. This allowed me to offer a premium towel at a not-so-premium price. You're welcome!

Premium Chenille Wash Mitt

The Premium Chenille Wash Mitt features hundreds of luxurious chenille fingers to make washing your vehicle safer than ever before. Each 'finger' holds tons of soapy wash solution, providing ample lubrication as you swipe over the surface of your vehicle. Since the chenille strands are plenty long, they pull any dirt and grime away from paint, diminishing the risk of wash-induced swirl marks.

3 Quantity 16 x 16 inch Premium Gold Microfiber Towels

The Premium Gold Microfiber Towel is made of incredibly soft and plush microfiber in a handy 16 x 16 inch size. It's perfect for quick detailing and pampers every surface it touches. The Premium Gold Microfiber Towel measures 16 x 16 inches and features an outstanding 70/30 blend of polyester and polyamide. The microfiber's weight is 380 g/m˛, making one very soft, thick towel!

Kit Includes:

McKee's 37 5 Gallon Wash Bucket Combo with Grit Guard & Gamma Seal Lid
McKee's 37 Quart Foamaster Foam Gun
16 oz. McKee's 37 Sio2 Auto Wash
22 oz. McKee's 37 Hydro Blue SiO2 Coating
16 x 16 Inch Glacier 11 Drying Towel
Premium Chenille Wash Mitt - color may vary
3 Qty Premium Gold Microfiber Towels

A total retail value of $192.63. Save $42.64!

I tried your hydro blue today and all I can say is OMG. Started with my Porsche and after seeing the results just could not stop and did my trailer and a 10 year old Acura. The Acura looks like it left the factory. The product is easy to use and gives great results in a short time. Thanks for producing such a great product. My order for more is going in today. -David M.

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    Dean S.

    Great Stuff

    I have used many different lines of products during my 5 decades of working in the Auto industry and I am glad that I found McKee's 37 and their line of products. Very easy to use...simple, really. And fantastic results.

    DAVID G.

    Excellent kit

    Excellent products at an great price.

    David H.

    Another top product

    The foam cannon and Hydro Blue system are working great on both of my cars. When you are done with the process both cars are sparkling.

    Richard W.

    Superior results to any overthe counter product

    Easy to use and great results. The car wash revived my 2014 Grand Cherokee (Navy Blue). My wife's first comment was "I have a new car". I am sold on McKee's products and will be a true to the brand customer.



    The best! I never knew such products and chemicals existed that would make washing my car so much better. No wonder Mr. Carini is a partner in this company!