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Green Foam Polishing Finger Pockets, 3 Pack

Avoid the mess with Foam Finger Pockets!

Green Foam Finger Pockets make it easier than ever to apply polishes and protectants to your vehicle! The dense, open-cell foam "pocket" slips right over your fingers, providing maximum control while applying a polish or glaze. Using a Foam Finger Pocket to apply a polish is less messy than holding onto a tiny round applicator pad, where your fingers and knuckles are prone to getting wax all over them. Foam Finger Pockets also help protect your hands while detailing!

Green Foam Finger Pockets have a much larger surface area than a conventional foam applicator pad that you hold on to. By completely surrounding your fingers (3 or 4, depending on how large your hand is), Foam Finger Pockets provide twice the coverage along with more precise control. Green Foam Finger Pockets are designed for applying polishes and glazes. Clean the Foam Finger Pocket with McKee's 37 Polishing Pad Cleaner after each use. Or, toss them in the washing machine!
3 Pack.