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Gentle Wheel Cleaner

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Powerful cleaning action without the foul smell!

McKee’s 37 Gentle Wheel Cleaner is an acid-free cleaner that is formulated to safely clean the wheels on your vehicle.  Instead of relying on harsh acids and caustic butyl-ethers, McKee’s 37 Gentle Wheel Cleaner is formulated using water-based surfactant technology.  This makes McKee’s 37 Gentle Wheel Cleaner safe on all factory wheel finishes including painted, clear coated, aluminum, anodized, chrome, and polished aluminum wheels.  Even though it’s a safe, effective product, McKee’s 37 Gentle Wheel Cleaner is strong enough to remove stubborn brake dust and road grime from wheels as well as brake calipers.  McKee’s 37 Gentle Wheel Cleaner has a pleasant fragrance, and it rinses freely without causing any spotting.

McKee’s 37 Gentle Wheel Cleaner was created for the person that cleans their vehicle weekly or bi-weekly.  Compared to our Foaming Wheel Cleaner Gel, Gentle Wheel Cleaner is not nearly as aggressive, nor does it contain the component that changes color as it dissolves iron particles.  If you wash your vehicle more than twice a month, you don't necessarily need something as strong as Foaming Wheel Cleaner Gel, which is why we introduced Gentle Wheel Cleaner.

McKee’s 37 Gentle Wheel Cleaner is an incredible product.  The first thing you'll notice is the delectable fragrance.  This wheel cleaner smells better than most waxes!  What also stands out is the thick viscosity - McKee’s 37 Gentle Wheel Cleaner is a true gel formula that clings to the wheel, maximizing dwell time to reduce the amount of agitation with a brush. 


Clean one wheel at a time.  Do not clean a wheel that is hot to the touch.  Spray a liberal amount of cleaner directly onto the wheel, and allow 60 seconds for the cleaner to penetrate.  Gently agitate the cleaner using your favorite wheel brushes.  Once the wheel is clean, rinse off the cleaner and dry the wheel with a microfiber towel to avoid spotting.  For added shine and protection, apply McKee’s 37 Hydro Blue to the wheel after it has been rinsed off, but before it has been dried.  Do not allow cleaner to dry on surface.

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    Steven E.
    United States United States

    Awesome product

    This wheel cleaner works great and it does not have a harsh chemical smell. I have used it on multiple types of wheels with out any issues. Would highly recommend this product

    Steven E.
    United States United States

    Great product

    Works great sprayed it on let it sit for a moment and it made it so easy to remove the brake dust and road film

    Ivan B.
    United States United States

    Gentle wheel cleaner

    Like all of the other Mckees products I have used I was not surprised how well it worked

    Mark L.
    United States United States

    Nice job on coated wheels!

    Had a chance to use the new Gentle Wheel Cleaner today on a maintenance wash on my 2021 Mazda6 Carbon Edition. My wheels are ceramic coated, so I thought I'd give this a try to see if it might a good product to use for regular maintenance. It really clings to the wheel as it cleans, and it did a fantastic job! I'll likely be using this product for regular maintenance, mixing in the Foaming Wheel Cleaner every few months for a deeper clean. Well done on this new product!

    Nicolo C.
    United States United States

    Wheel cleaner

    I am very happy with this product used it to clean black coated wheels The face and wheel barrels looked amazing left the wheels feeling smooth and shiny it’s tough on dirt but very general on your wheel coatings. I would definitely buy more of this wheel cleaner.