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For a limited time receive a FREE adapter with your purchase! The adapter makes it easy to attach to your pressure washer. Simply leave a note in the comments box with the make and model of your pressure washer. We'll include the correct adapter! Everything you need for a safer car wash!

The McKee's 37 Foam Cannon Combo contains the essentials for converting you pressure washer into an extreme foamer. All that foam, makes washing your car safer than ever before. The mounds of foam that the McKee's 37 Foam Cannon HP paired with McKee's 37 Power Wash actively begin loosening grit and grime on contact, making it easier to rinse them away without inflicting damage to the paintwork. The McKee's 37 Foam Cannon Combo all but eliminates the risk of wash induced swirl marks so you can enjoy your clean, glossy car!

The McKee's 37 Foam Cannon Combo Includes:

McKee's 37 Pressure Washer Foam Cannon HP

The McKee's 37 Pressure Washer Foam Cannon HP Kit turns your pressure washer into a foam-creating machine that blankets your vehicle in mounds of fluffy suds. This high-powered foam gun practically turns your driveway into a touches car wash, making the process of washing your vehicle safer and more effective. The copious amounts of suds from your favorite high-quality car wash soap, like McKee's 37 Extreme Foam Formula or Power Wash, provide lots of lubrication so that you can safely rinse away even the toughest grime without creating wash-induced swirl marks!

Choose Your Shampoo!

128 oz. McKee's 37 Power Wash

McKee's 37 Power Wash is a high-foaming, wax-infused shampoo that gently removes dirt and road grime while adding real carnauba wax protection to your vehicle. McKee's 37 Power Wash is the only high-yield foaming auto shampoo that contains carnauba wax, increasing protection and shine after every wash. The thick, rich foam created by McKee's 37 Power Wash encapsulates dirt particles, eliminating the chance of wash-induced swirl marks and scratches. McKee's 37 Power Wash is the auto shampoo that does it all!

128 oz. McKee's 37 Xtreme Foam Formula

This high yield foaming auto shampoo bursts into mounds of suds when introduced to water and agitated. The bubbles work to encapsulate oily residue and dirt even before your mitt touches the paint. This rich foam - combined with our own advanced cleaning agent- leaves your vehicle looking and feeling fantastically clean and bright.

128 oz. McKee's 37 Sio2 Auto Wash

McKee's 37 Sio2 Auto Wash was formulated for the unique cleaning requirements of vehicles that are coated with a paint, wheel, or glass coating. This thick, luxurious shampoo creates mountains of foamy suds that encapsulate dirt and grit particles, leaving behind an extremely glossy finish! You can confidently use McKee's 37 Sio2 Auto Wash in direct sun because this pH-balanced, non-alkaline shampoo contains water-softeners that reduce spotting. Works equally well on non-coated vehicles as a gloss-enhancing auto wash. Your vehicle has never looked this good after a simple wash!

128 oz. Nautical One Ceramic Wash & Wax

This two-in-one cleaner and protectant creates mountains of slick suds that remove dirt and grime while depositing a glossy layer of ceramic protection. Ceramic Wash & Wax can be used in direct sunlight without harming your boat's exterior or interior surfaces. As a matter of fact, it's better to let the soap dry on the surface instead of water! Water creates water spots, not soap!

Chenille Wash Mitt

The Chenille Wash Mitt features hundreds of luxurious chenille fingers to make washing your vehicle safer than ever before. Each "finger" holds tons of soapy wash solution, providing ample lubrication as you swipe over the surface of your vehicle. Since the chenille strands are plenty long, they pull any dirt and grime away from paint, diminishing the risk of wash-induced swirl marks.

Combo Includes:
McKee's 37 Pressure Washer Foam Cannon HP
Choose Your Shampoo:

  • 128 oz. McKee's 37 Power Wash
  • 128 oz. McKee’s 37 Extreme Foam Formula
  • 128 oz. Nautical One Ceramic Wash & Wax
  • 128 oz. McKee’s 37 Sio2 Auto Wash

Chenille Wash Mitt

Total retail value of 189.97, you save 89.98!

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