FLEX PE-150 Cordless Rotary Polisher Set

The tool professionals reach for!

The FLEX PE-150 Cordless Rotary Polisher is a lightweight, battery-powered rotary polisher (also referred to as a circular polisher) that's designed to remove imperfections in painted surfaces. The FLEX PE-150 Cordless Rotary Polisher includes two 5 amp batteries plus the charger.

Cut the cord and enjoy the freedom of a battery-powered rotary polisher! The FLEX PE-150 Cordless Rotary Polisher is the most powerful of the FLEX buffers because of its rotary/circular action. If you're a seasoned professional, look no further than the FLEX PE-150 Cordless Rotary Polisher. This professional-grade tool was designed for body shops and high-end detail shops that have the experience and skill to operate a rotary polisher. You can adjust the speed with thoughtfully placed dial, and ease into the trigger thanks to its soft-start operation.

Each battery provides up to 30 minutes constant power while the other battery charges in the same amount of time. This ensures you will never have to take a break from polishing to wait for batteries to charge!

Technical Specifications:

  • Maximum polishing pad: 160 mm
  • Maximum backing pad: 150 mm
  • No load speed: 150 - 1,450 rpm
  • Battery voltage: 18 volt
  • Weight with 5 amp battery: 5.4 lbs.
  • Weight without battery: 4.2 lbs. 

  • Set includes:
    FLEX PE-150 Cordless Rotary Polisher
    2 qty. 5 amp Lithium-Ion Batteries
    Battery charger

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