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FAST Interior Detailer

25 reviews

The 5 minute interior detailer!

I developed this product for one reason: date night. I'm fanatical about keeping my cars clean, inside and out. Every 2 or 3 months I perform what I call a deep interior cleaning, and that involves using (McKee's 37) Total Interior Cleaner followed by Interior Surface Protectant. I found myself looking for something to use in between deep cleanings and to freshen up the interior for date night, so I came out with FAST Interior Detailer. To say it's my favorite product with my name on it would be an understatement. I guarantee you will love FAST Interior Detailer as much as I do.

WARNING: FAST Interior Detailer is addicting. Excuse my candor, but I don't think it's fair to have you read any further without fair warning. Do yourself a favor and buy the gallon to start, because like me you'll find yourself using this product every week. It's that good, so stock up on it!

My goal with McKee's 37 FAST Interior Detailer was to develop a non-viscous cleaner to remove light dust, finger prints, and smudges without altering the look of the material. My team went above and beyond and exceeded my expectations because not only does McKee's 37 FAST Interior Detailer act as a quick detailer for your vehicle's interior, but it also lays down a substantial barrier of UVA and UVB protection. These UV absorbers blanket all interior surfaces with a barrier of protection that resists UV-induced deterioration. Bingo!

McKee's 37 FAST Interior Detailer is safe on leather, vinyl, rubber, plastic and LCD navigation screens. A quick spray and wipe is all you need to remove light dust that accumulates from day-to-day use. Your interior will look and feel as if you just spent hours cleaning it (that was my goal!). Oh, and the fragrance - it's to die for. I guarantee your vehicle's interior has NEVER smelled this good.

If you're anything like me, or if you've read this far, you're very particular about how your vehicle's interior looks, feels, and smells. Keep it showroom new in 5 minutes or less every week with McKee's 37 FAST Interior Detailer.

22 oz.

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    Jeff P.
    United States United States
    Works and smells awesome

    I bought this by the gallon based on reviews. The reviews are correct. I use it when detailing and my clients love the smell. Works great on leather, vinyl, dash boards, consoles, doors, etc. Another great product from McKees.

    James G.
    Fast interior detailer

    Love the product! Works well on exterior rubber, bug squat, plastics and is fabulous on interior components. Of course the smell is intoxicating. Our Porsche Concours series is about to start...your detailer will be in my bag.

    Mckees FAST Interior Detailer

    It is Just what the description says (FAST DETAILER). Good for removing finger prints and light dust with some cleaning power. Every time I use this product people want to know what it is MAINLY because of the Great Smell this product has. It has many applications in an Interior because you can apply it to pretty much any surface including Entertainment screens.

    Scott M.
    McKees 37 Fast Interior Detailer

    Great product for wiping around the interior. I use it often to dust and keep the inside of my cars clean. Non greasy or slippery. Leaves a nice, clean scent. If Wayne Carini approves then I approve, lol. Been using this product for a few years.

    Jeff R.
    Fast Interior Detailer

    This product is top notch. It works great and smells great! I highly recommend this product for anyone wanting to spruce up the interior of their car and wanting a nice scent.