Dual Action Trim & Tire Applicator Sponges, 3 Pack

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Avoid the mess! Apply uniform coats of tire dressings and trim protectants

How many times have you applied a trim protectant or tire shine, only to have the product end up on unwanted surfaces or even worse, your hands? Enough was enough, so I developed the Dual Action Trim & Tire Applicator Sponge. This handy applicator was specifically created for the unique design characteristics of modern vehicles - i.e.: low profile tires and acres of plastic trim. Everything about the Dual Action Trim & Tire Applicator Sponge is custom, including the carefully chosen foam for applying even, uniform coats of trim and tire shines. You'll love the fact that these applicator sponges make detailing trim and tires easier than ever - I guarantee it.
- Nick Rutter

Long gone are 15, 16, and 17 inch wheels. The 18, 19, and 20 inch wheels (and their corresponding lower profile tires) that used to be exclusive to sports cars are now available on virtually every new vehicle, including inexpensive sub-compacts! Simply put, the bigger the wheel, the smaller the tire's sidewall. This presents an issue for conventional tire shine applicator sponges, because you end up with more product on your wheel (or hands!) than the actual tire itself. That's not the case with the Dual Action Trim & Tire Applicator Sponge from McKee's 37!

The Dual Action Trim & Tire Applicator Sponge is manufactured using two very different foams, carefully chosen for their respective job. The coarse grey foam is what you hold on to. The sharp, closed-cell nature of this foam makes it easy to grip, even with slippery hands. The black foam is used for application of trim and tire dressings. This softer material applies uniform coats of product on tires and plastic trim (smooth and pebble textured!). The thin layer of black foam combined with the closed-cell gray foam prevents tire and trim shines from being absorbed into the material. You'll use less product while achieving better results!

The Dual Action Trim & Tire Applicator Sponges are built to last, even after repeated use and multiple cleanings. Neither foam will shred over time, even when used on tires with raised letters. What's more, you can use the Dual Action Trim & Tire Applicator Sponge to apply interior protectants and leather conditioners too! Are you frustrated with round applicator sponges that end up applying trim restorers and protectants on surrounding body panels? The sharp, 90 degree edges of the Dual Action Trim & Tire Applicator Sponges provides precise application every time!

3 Pack
Made in USA

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    Warren B.
    United States United States

    Your products are grossly overpriced and your shipping charges are absurd!

    Michael K.

    Best Tire Applicators

    These are the best tire applicators I've used. I can't speak on durability since I've only used them on 4 vehicles so far, but these make applying tire dressing a breeze. They also work fantastic for exterior plastic trim.


    Excellent on tires!

    Keeps your hands clean while evenly applying tire dressing! Works perfectly.

    Robert K.

    Best Off Road Tire Applicator

    I've been using these to apply tire dressing to my large tires for almost a year now. They are the only ones I've found the dont fall to pieces. I clean them out with a bucket of car wash foam and let them dry in the sun til next use.

    Jason B.

    Extremely durable!

    Not your average applicator. These are built to last.