MIRKA Abralon 3 Inch Sanding Discs 20 Count Box


Flexible Discs for Wet or Dry Sanding Any Shaped Surface 

MIRKA Abralon Sanding Discs are made of a unique sanding material suitable for taking on both smooth and contorted or profiled surfaces while minimizing the risk of pressure marks. The discs can be used for both wet and dry sanding thanks to water and air being able to pass freely through the malleable disc.

Remove orange peel from paint or oxidation from gel coat with MIRKA Abralon Sanding Discs

Easily orange peel with MIRKA Abralon Sanding Discs and achieve a brilliantly smooth finish with no defects. MIRKA Abralon Sanding Discs boast state-of-the-art abrasive technology allowing you to create a perfectly smooth finish through even and uniform re-surfacing. 

MIRKA Abralon Sanding Discs are easier to control and more versatile due to their foam interface which acts as a cushion and makes following curves and contours easy and effective. MIRKA Abralon Sanding Discs are easier to control because the foam interface acts as a cushion for curves and contours.

MIRKA Abralon Sanding Discs can be used for wet or dry sanding on both painted finishes and gel coat.

Scratches that are too deep to remove with a compound or polish can be removed with the MIRKA Abralon Sanding Discs. Use the disc to level out the surface surrounding the scratch, then polish to a high gloss. 

Use MIRKA Abralon Sanding Discs for:

  • Machine sand headlights
  • Remove oxidation from gel coat
  • Remove orange peel from clear coat and lacquer finishes
  • Use wet or dry depending on the level of cut you desire.

20 Discs per box. 

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