Ceramic Wheel Special

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For a limited time, clean and protect your wheels for less with this special collection of McKee's 37 products!

This detailing season is the perfect time to start cleaning and protecting your wheels the right way - with the McKee's 37 Ceramic Wheel Special! Your vehicle's wheels are a big part of its value, especially if you have alloy, chrome, or aluminum wheels. Wheels of all kinds are susceptible to brake dust corrosion, water spotting, and contamination. Shield your wheels from rain, pollen, road grime, and of course, brake dust with the McKee's 37 Ceramic Wheel Special.

This kit combines some of our best wheel maintenance products. Start with McKee's 37 Foaming Gel Wheel Cleaner to safely remove brake dust, dirt, and oil from your wheels. Then apply McKee's 37 Ceramic Wheel Sealant for a lasting, slick layer of protection. Dress your tires with a low gloss-satin sheen using Tire Shine SiO2 Enhanced. These products are compatible with any type of wheels and they're water-based. The Foam Finger Pockets and Dual Action Trim & Tire Applicator are great tools for applying wheel protection between spokes.

You'll love what the McKee's 37 Wheel Special can do for your wheels.

The kit includes:

22 oz. McKee's 37 Foaming Gel Wheel Cleaner

When you use McKee's 37 Foaming Wheel Cleaner Gel, you can be confident that it will safely and effectively clean all types of wheels. Its water-based, surface-friendly formula removes brake dust and oily road grime while maintaining the wheel finish by dissolving ferrous iron particles. McKee's 37 Foaming Wheel Cleaner Gel uncovers the shine of all types of wheels, including factory clear coated wheels, painted, polished, and plated wheels. It works so well that it changes color as it dissolves brake dust!

12 oz. McKee's 37 Ceramic Wheel Sealant

McKee's 37 Ceramic Wheel Sealant is an all-in-one polish and high temperature ceramic sealant designed to protect wheels from the damaging effects of corrosive brake dust. This creamy formula polishes wheels to a high gloss while depositing a durable ceramic sealant. The protective coating left behind helps shield wheels from corrosive brake dust, road grime, salt, and anything else that could wreak havoc on your wheels' delicate finish. Wheels that are polished with Ceramic Wheel Sealant will be clean, shiny, and well protected. Safe for use on all factory wheel finishes. Can also be applied to polished or chrome exhaust tips.

22 oz. McKee's 37 Tire Shine SiO2 Enhanced

McKee's 37 Tire Shine is enhanced with silicon dioxide (SiO2) to form a long-lasting barrier of protection on your vehicle's tires. Designed to prevent long-term damage from exposure to the sun, Tire Shine SiO2 Enhanced creates an attractive semi-gloss finish that will not sling off. Use McKee's 37 Tire Shine SiO2 Enhanced to protect and beautify brand new tires, or to restore a rich black appearance to older tires. Frequent application will protect your tires' sidewalls from cracking and turning brown. This solvent-free formula dries 100% to the touch.


Spray directly onto tire and evenly distribute using a McKee's 37 Dual Action Trim & Tire Applicator Sponge. To avoid over spray on low profile tires, bury the nozzle into a McKee's 37 Dual Action Applicator Sponge.

Dual Action Trim & Tire Applicator Sponges

The Dual Action Trim & Tire Applicator Sponge is manufactured using two very different foams, carefully chosen for their respective job. The coarse grey foam is what you hold on to. The sharp, closed-cell nature of this foam makes it easy to grip, even with slippery hands. The black foam is used for application of trim and tire dressings. This softer material applies uniform coats of product on tires and plastic trim (smooth and pebble textured!). The thin layer of black foam combined with the closed-cell gray foam prevents tire and trim shines from being absorbed into the material. You'll use less product while achieving better results!

Premium Detail Brush

Use this soft-bristled brush to gently agitate Foaming Wheel Cleaner Gel. It is perfect for delicate leather surfaces that would otherwise be scratched or marred by a stiffer brush. The wooden handle will not get slippery when wet.

2 Foam Finger Pockets

Foam Finger Pockets are the easiest way to clean or polish tight places. These foam pockets fit over three or four fingers so you can maneuver in small spots. The foam has light cutting power so it's perfect for polishing metal components. Finger Pockets allow you to reach between the slats in your vehicle's grill or between spokes. The foam is more absorbent than a towel so it's great for product application.

Take advantage of this offer while it lasts! The McKee's 37 Ceramic Wheel Special is a great value on excellent products. Start the season off right with a clean set of wheels courtesy of McKee's 37!

Kit includes:

12 oz. McKee's 37 Ceramic Wheel Sealant
22 oz. McKee's 37 Foaming Gel Wheel Cleaner
22 oz. McKee's 37 Tire Shine SiO2 Enhanced
Dual Action Trim & Tire Applicator Sponge
Premium Detailing Brush
2 Flex Foam Finger Pockets

A total retail value of $104.93. You SAVE $24.94!

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    Michael M.
    United States

    Stellar as always

    Not only do the products work amazingly. But I received some damaged applicators and Nick immediately sent out replacement ones. They are always helpful and kind!

    Charles G.

    Wheel Cleaning Kit

    It's effortless ( quick and easy) and the results are perfection. I have black lacquered rims and red Brembo calipers: they glisten when I'm done .... I have tried MANY, many products out there ( ... TOO many, lol): this is the gold standard

    Gerald h.

    Perfect for diyrs

    Im a 60 yr old guy who likes taking care of my toys


    Wheel Glaze Kit

    Tried the glaze on my wheels. Easy to apply, easy to remove. Haven't needed to clean the wheels yet, but I'm sure they'll be easier to clean now that they're coated. I'd recommend coating with the Hydro Blue for further and longer lasting protection.

    john j.

    wheel cleaner kit (wheel & tire care)

    very good product/ it actually works/ not like other car care products on the market.