Car Guy's Leather Care Kit

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The perfect leather care kit for the car guy!

The McKee's 37 Car Guy's Leather Care Kit is built around our fantastic leather conditioner. You can apply this protectant as often as you'd like. It features a rich, pleasant leather aroma that keeps your leather upholstery soft and supple. For the once-a-month deep cleaning, this money-saving kit also includes our hugely popular Leather Shampoo 70/30, not to mention a nifty detailing brush and a handful of premium microfiber towels!  Keep everything looking pristine in between cleanings by using the included FAST Interior Detailer! 

The McKee's 37 Car Guy's Leather Care Kit includes:

16 oz. McKee's 37 Leather Conditioner

How often do you clean the leather upholstery in your vehicle? Frequent car care is easy car care, which is why McKee's 37 developed an easy to use, two-step process for cleaning, conditioning and protecting expensive leather upholstery with Leather Shampoo 70/30 and Leather Conditioner. McKee's 37 Leather Conditioner is essentially anti-aging cream for leather surfaces that penetrates deep into the leather, restoring its pH-balance and infusing it with synthetic lanolin oils. The result? The leather upholstery in your vehicle will be soft, supple, and well protected. Leather Conditioner is 100% compatible with perforated leather seating surfaces, too!

22 oz. McKee's 37 Leather Shampoo 70/30

McKee's 37 Leather Shampoo 70/30 can remove just about any stain from your vehicle's leather upholstery. This non-alkaline cleaner forgoes petroleum solvents, silicone oils, and gloss agents. Instead, it relies on advanced chemistry to penetrate deep into the leather, lifting dirt and grime from every pore. As the cleaner goes to work, lanolin and mink oil are fed into the leather, ensuring it remains soft and supple for years to come. It's a fantastic product. Not all cleaners are created equal! High-octane, all-purpose cleaners break down the natural oils found in the leather. These oils are added during the tanning process, giving the leather its rich, luxurious feel. McKee's 37 Leather Shampoo 70/30 preserves these oils, extending the life of the leather.

22 oz. McKee's 37 FAST Interior Detailer

McKee's 37 FAST Interior Detailer is safe on leather, vinyl, rubber, plastic and LCD navigation screens. A quick spray and wipe is all you need to remove light dust that accumulates from day-to-day use. Your interior will look and feel as if you just spent hours cleaning it (that was my goal!). Oh, and the fragrance - it's to die for. I guarantee your vehicle's interior has NEVER smelled this good.

Premium Detail Brush

Use this soft-bristled brush to gently agitate Leather Shampoo 70/30. It is perfect for delicate leather surfaces that would otherwise be scratched or marred by a stiffer brush. The wooden handle will not get slippery when wet.

3 x Premium Microfiber Towels

Premium Microfiber Towels are the perfect workhorse for your towel collection. Yes they're premium, but these towels are up for any task! Each towel is composed of an 80% polyester, 20% polyamide microfiber blend, offering the perfect balance of absorbency and cleaning power. Premium Microfiber Towels are perfect for any cleaning job in or around your vehicle!

2 x Microfiber Applicator Pads

With over 200,000 strands of advanced microfibers per square inch, nothing matches its ability to remove dirt, residues, and surface oxidation. An 80/20 polyester/polyamide blend of “split” weave fibers, 100 times finer than a human hair, ensure smooth and even wax distribution. This advanced microfiber fabric is a lint free material. Microfiber Applicator Pads are angel hair soft, and completely non-abrasive, so they are safe to use on even the most delicate surfaces.

Kit includes:
16 oz. McKee's 37 Leather Conditioner
22 oz. McKee's 37 Leather Shampoo 70/30
22 oz. McKee's 37 FAST Interior Detailer
Premium Detail Brush
3 x Premium Microfiber Towels
2 x Microfiber Applicator Pads

Total retail value of $130.91. You save $30.92!

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    Kimberley D.
    United States United States

    Leather cleaner

    I’ll Have to say fair. It cleaned up the usual dirt and grime but not a stain on our white leather seats. I followed the you tube directions and treated stain according to video directions. Disappointed the stain didn’t come up.

    Andranik A.

    Leather care kit

    All the products that came in this kit were awesome, i really like the the scent left behind the leather cleaner and conditioner. The effectiveness of the cleaners i would say were very effective, with a couple of passes, depending how dirty the interior is, you get amazing result, the cream color on my door panel came back to life. The carpet cleaner was my first time using it in general and i pretty much used like 80% of the product on one vehicle. It did its job.


    Leather care kit

    This stuff made my seats feel better than they did from the factory! Smells awesome too! Great product and shipping was fast as well.

    Rui L.

    smells good!

    I just used the package last weekend on all of the leather seats in my SUV. Didn't notice much dirty stuff coming off the seats towards the towel but I guess it's because the seats have been detailed less than a month ago by a professional detailer. Anyway, after the process my seats look nice and smell nice. I believe I'll never need to purchase interior detailing again. I can do everything by myself.

    Pat G.

    Leather care kit, A+

    I bought a used high end SUV recently. The owner never cleaned the drivers leather seat. It was pretty grungy. Used Mckee's 37 kit, now it looks great and the conditioner makes the leather soft and is now protected.