Autoforge Universal Clay Towel & Lubricant Combo

Money-saving combo includes the Autoforge Universal Clay Towel as well as a 22 oz. bottle of McKee's 37 Universal Clay Lubricant!

The Autoforge Universal Clay Towel combines a super-soft microfiber towel with a rubberized polymer coating that quickly and gently removes bonded surface contaminants such as paint overspray, bug splatter, industrial fallout, and more.  Using the Autoforge Universal Clay Towel before you wax or polish your vehicle increases the gloss by removing the aforementioned contaminants.  Compared to a traditional clay bar, the Autoforge Universal Clay Towel lasts upwards of 50 times longer!

The Autoforge Clay Towel removes:

  • Industrial fallout
  • Paint overspray
  • Bug splatter
  • Tar
  • Bonded Contaminants 
  • ....and More!

Removing bonded surface contaminants has always been one of the most important steps in a proper detail.  For years professional detailers have used the clay bar to accomplish this task.  The downside of a clay bar is that it's expensive, cumbersome to use, and if you accidentally drop it, then you have to throw it out in fear of causing scratches by trapped debris stuck in the bar.  The Autoforge Universal Clay Towel lasts upwards of 50 times longer than a clay bar, and if you accidentally drop it, just rinse it off!

The Autoforge Universal Clay Towel features an ingeniously designed perforated rubberized polymer coating that effectively removes bonded contaminants without scratching paint.  Although marketed as a fine-grade towel, the Autoforge Universal Clay Towel is aggressive enough to remove heavy paint over spray and other stubborn bonded contaminants.  Use with confidence, even on darker colored vehicles!  The perforations also help to release more lubrication as well as to trap larger contaminants that get dislodged into the towel, helping prevent scratching or marring.


Wash vehicle to remove loose dirt and contaminants.  Use a traditional car wash, rinseless wash, clay lubricant, or iron remover as a lubricant when rubbing the clay towel across the finish.  Before using the towel for the first time, it’s important that you break it in on glass (i.e.: Windshield) using your lubricant of choice.  Then, working one panel at a time (hood is considered two panels), spray the lubricant directly onto the surface and gently rub the folded towel back and forth until it glides freely and the paint feels smooth.  Or, if you’re using a car wash as a lubricant, submerge the clay towel in the bucket of solution before rubbing it across the panel.  Reload with more lubricant after each section.  Repeat this process panel-by-panel until you’re finished. 

16 x 16 inches


Autoforge Universal Clay Towel

22 oz. McKee's 37 Universal Clay Lubricant

Total retail value of $64.98.  You save $24.99!

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