Autoforge Battery Powered Automotive Detailer Sprayer

Multi-purpose battery-powered sprayer for detailing your vehicle!

The Autoforge Battery Powered Automotive Detailer Sprayer provides a quick, efficient, easy way to wash your car.  This battery-powered sprayer features a whopping 2.5 gallon canister making it possible to wash your car multiple times before having to refill it.  The ergonomic soft squeeze gun provides an ample amount of solution to lubricate the surface as you rub a towel or wash mitt across the panel.  The powder-coated frame steel frame ensures years of use, while the rechargeable lithium-ion battery provides more than adequate charge time.  For convenience, the included hose is 12 feet long and the 90 PSI pump provides more than enough pressure to knock off loose dirt from the surface.  What's more, you can charge the Autoforge Battery Powered Automotive Detailer Sprayer in your car with the included car charger!

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