6 Pack 6.5 Inch Lake Country HDO Foam Pad - Your Choice - FREE BONUS!

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Mix and match 6.5 inch HDO Foam Pads from Lake Country Manufacturing!

HDO, short for Heavy Duty Orbital, are foam pads manufactured specifically for long-stroke machines.  Designed, engineered, and manufactured by Lake Country Manufacturing, HDO Foam Pads promise increased longevity and smoothness compared to traditional foam pads when used on a long-stroke polisher, such as a Flex XFE.

Lake Country Manufacturing spent years testing various foam compositions, thicknesses, and backing material adhesives to ensure the HDO Foam Pads would be able to withstand the rigorous use of a long-stroke polisher.  

Choose any 6 of the following:

The HDO Fiber Heavy Cutting Pad was designed for heavy swirl and scratch removal.  Easy individual fiber acts as an abrasive that engages the abrasive powder in your compound or polish, increasing its cutting ability.  

The HDO Blue Foam Cutting Pad was designed for swirl and scratch removal.  The dense nature of the blue foam makes it easy to control, even on curved surfaces.  The aggressive cutting ability of the foam paired with a high-quality compound or swirl remover will make quick work of removing paint defects.  

The HDO Orange Foam Polishing Pad was designed for mild defect removal and polishing.  Use the HDO Orange Foam Polishing Pad with a medium or fine cut polish for paint enhancement.  Although less dense than the more aggressive blue pad, the HDO Orange Foam Polishing Pad is easy to control and provides a high-gloss finish on all colors.  

The HDO Black Foam Finishing Pad was designed for applying glazes, finishing polishes, cleaner waxes, and liquid waxes and sealants.  The dense foam (for a finishing pad) makes it easy to control, even for beginners that are not used to a long-stroke machine.


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