6 Pack 5.5 Inch Lake Country Force Hybrid Foam Pad - Your Choice

Mix and match 5.5 inch Force Hybrid Foam Pads from Lake Country Manufacturing!  

Choose any 6 of the following:

The grey  pad in the Force Hybrid line is the most aggressive foam, offering extreme cutting abilities, especially on harder paint systems as well as gel coat.  Use this pad to remove oxidation, deeper scratches, water spots, and other paint defects.

The orange pad in the Force Hybrid line is the second most aggressive foam, offering enough mechanical cutting ability to remove paint defects including swirl marks, scratches, oxidation, and water spots.  The orange pad is the most popular for the cutting application because it is both user friendly and easy to manage.  

The white pad in the Force Hybrid line is designed to remove light paint defects, including mild swirl marks and oxidation.  This pad works best with a medium to fine cut polish, or even a cleaner wax or all-in-one.

The black pad in the Force Hybrid line is finishing foam with a dense composition designed to provide a smooth polishing experience.  Use the black pad to apply glazes, liquid waxes and sealants.  The black pad also works well to polish darker colors to an ultra high gloss finish when paired with a fine cut polish, such as McKee's 37 Complete Finishing Polish.

The red pad in the Force Hybrid line is the softest foam available, making it ideal for applying waxes and sealants.  The dense nature of the red foam makes it easy to control, especially for beginners.