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4.0 HP Variable Speed Hurricane Car Dryer

75 reviews

Dry your car in 5 minutes or less without scratching it!

McKee's 37 Hurricane Car Dryer is a lightweight, handheld car dryer that is powerful enough to blow water off your vehicle, leaving it with a streak and scratch free finish after every wash! Use the McKee's 37 Hurricane Car Dryer to dry your entire vehicle, or to simply blast water from cracks and crevices, behind emblems, in between body panels, and anywhere else water can hide. McKee's 37 Hurricane Car Dryer features a powerful 4.0 peak horsepower twin-fan motor that blows filtered air onto your vehicle, making it easier than ever to dry your car while avoiding water spots - even in direct sun! The variable speed output provides added flexibility when full power is not needed. When you're finished using the Hurricane Car Dryer, simply mount it on the wall using the included wall-mount bracket.

Modern clear coat finishes are extremely scratch sensitive that's a fact. You have to ask yourself this question: does repeatedly rubbing a towel across the paint make it better? What's the opposite of better? WORSE! You can be as careful as can be, but sooner or later you will create micro scratches and swirl marks by repeatedly rubbing a leather chamois or drying towel across your vehicle's scratch-sensitive clear coat finish. Cut down your towel usage with the McKee's 37 Hurricane Car Dryer.

The McKee's 37 Hurricane Car Dryer is one of the greatest products to ever bear the McKee's 37 name. This high-powered (4.0 peak horsepower twin fan motor!) blows air at a whopping 350 MPH....that's not a typo! Why do you need a powerful, made-in-USA car dryer blowing heated, filtered air at 350 MPH? To cut your drying time in half, that's why!

McKee's 37 Hurricane Car Dryer was designed by car guys for car guys (and gals!). Forget dealing with annoying water spots caused by water that was hidden behind emblems and between body panels blow it out with the McKee's 37 Hurricane Car Dryer.

Let's get to the specs: First and foremost, we weren't kidding when we said the McKee's 37 Hurricane Car Dryer was designed by car guys for car guys. First, the unit packs a whopping 4.0 peak horsepower twin-fan motor that draws its power from a 12 foot heavy-duty power cord. Second, the air is heated and filtered, meaning you'll never blow dirt, sand or leaves into your precious clear coat finish at high velocities. Third, the 10 foot commercial-grade flexible hose features a rubber nozzle that will not scratch or mar you paint if contact accidentally occurs. Fourth, the variable-speed motor allows you to reduce the output when full power is not needed. Last, but certainly not least, the McKee's 37 Hurricane Car Dryer is proudly


Attachments include:

  • 10 foot commercial-grade hose
  • Rubber blower nozzle
  • Neoprene blower nozzle
  • Crevice tool
  • Micro adapter kit
  • Wall mount bracket Not all car dryers are created equal. Time and again I've received phone calls asking to compare my car dryer against chintzy plastic units made overseas. The old saying you get what you pay for certainly applies to my Hurricane Car Dryer. First and foremost, as I've stated previously, it's proudly manufactured in this GREAT country. The body is all-steel, with a beautiful powder-coated finish that's designed to last the long haul. Third, the Hurricane Car Dryer blows air that is both heated and filtered. You simply can't go wrong with my Hurricane Car Dryer! McKee's Hurricane Car Dryer is powerful enough to dry your entire car without taxing your muscles. It weighs less than 10 lbs, and the 10 foot hose is long enough to reach the roof of most vehicles without even having to hold the dryer (set it on the ground for easy detailing). You'll love using the McKee's 37 Hurricane Car Dryer on wheels and tires after you wash your car. Most new vehicles have complex wheel designs where water loves to hide, and we all know there's nothing more annoying than drips of water running down your tire as you apply a coat of your favorite tire gel. Water cannot hide from the McKee's 37 Hurricane Car Dryer and its 4.0 peak horsepower motor! Made in USA
    5 year limited warranty on dryer unit and motor
    1 year warranty on parts, switches, cords
  • Customer Reviews
    3.9 Based on 75 Reviews
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      Danny E.
      Great Product

      Very satisfied with car dryer so far.

      Works fine, horrible cord

      Works pretty well to get most of water off, especially in cracks and crevices, as well as tires and wheels. However, the cord is horrible. Constantly kinks up. Have left it in the sun, tried wrapping around cord reel devices - it immediately kinks up when you try to use it. Considering taking unit apart and rewiring with new cord

      Steve P.
      5 star

      Great Time Saver

      Dan L.
      Not 5 stars because On/Off switch placement is awkward poor design

      The now one and only complaint or drawback I have with this product s the placement of the "on/off" switch. Very awkward and poor design. I question if the design team. has ever washed and dried a car. It would be a lot more convenient if it were on the handle. The performance of the blower is very good. Velocity of the air is powerful.

      Charles P.
      Turbo Car Dryer

      5 star.