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365 Ceramic Spray Coating

8 reviews

The Ceramic Coating - Simplified!

McKee's 37 365 Ceramic Spray Coating combines silicon-dioxide and titanium-dioxide, two of earth's strongest elements, into an easy-to-use spray and wipe ceramic paint protectant. Aptly named after the length of durability provided in days, 365 Ceramic Spray Coating offers a convenient, easy application of ceramic coating technology that's designed to last up to 1 full year (365 days). 365 Ceramic Spray Coating produces a thick shell of protection that provides superior protection against UV rays, environmental pollutants, as well as acid rain. The blanket of gloss left behind will produce relentless water beading, month after month.

Shake well. Do not apply to a hot surface. It's imperative that the surface to be coated is free of contaminants and previously applied waxes. Clay, polish, and chemically decontaminate the paint as necessary. Then, working on one panel at a time, spray 365 Ceramic Spray Coating directly onto the surface. Evenly distribute the coating over the entire panel using an M-Line applicator. Allow to haze for 2-3 minutes, then gently buff off excess residue using a clean, dry M-Line Microfiber Towel.

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    George H.
    Just great stuff

    Did the wife ride this weekend again the car is 11 years old and wow amazing i am waiting for the app for the engine cleaning

    George H.
    365 spray coating

    Very easy to apply no pressure needed

    Dave R.
    Easy application

    Very easy to apply. Just spray on. rub onto surface and wipe away

    Great product!

    I used the 365 Ceramic Spray to supplement my application of McKee's Ceramic coating that I applied to several of my cars right about this time last year.The coating has been holding up very well on all my vehicles and they spend all their time outside.Quick tip!?- After I applied the Ceramic Spray , I allowed it to cure and buffed it off. THEN, I applied an extremely high quality wax and the brilliant shine as well as the protection was off the charts! My cars are all set for a little while! Thank you Wayne and Nick!

    Our G.
    Easy prosumer grade spray on

    I appreciate a product such as this because it is a great up sell that is as easy to apply as a spray detailer that protects for 1 year. I have used several spray coating and this one has stayed the longest wash after wash. Brings in a deep clarity and shine. Best used after 360 SI02 ceramic one step polish. All the SI02 products designed to work in conjunction with one another.