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Say goodbye to stubborn water spots for good!

McKee’s 37 Xtreme Water Spot Remover Gel is a thick, acid-based gel that quickly and effortlessly dissolves stubborn water spots from paint, glass, chrome, and other vehicle surfaces.  This fast-acting formula completely removes the water spots before they cause permanent damage by etching the surface.  Besides multiple uses around your automobile, Xtreme Water Spot Remover Gel can be used around the household to remove calcium build up from glass shower doors too.  This high-tech formula is 100% abrasive free and instead relies on advanced chelating agents and clear-coat safe acids to restore a sparkling, spot-free finish.

Your first question might be: "How does this compare to McKee's 37 FAST Water Spot Remover, a product I know and love?"  Here's the deal: FAST Water Spot Remover was created as a convenient, time-saving solution since it is in the form of a spray.  Xtreme Water Spot Remover Gel is far more powerful, the ideal choice for stubborn water spots that have been present weeks or even months.  

The clear coat on your new car is only 3 mils thick, or about as thick as a piece of notebook paper! When water spots are not properly removed in a timely manner, they create unsightly craters that must be mechanically abraded. This takes hours, sometimes days, and costs hundreds of dollars. Having a bottle of McKee's 37 Xtreme Water Spot Remover Gel in your garage is inexpensive insurance for protecting your vehicle's delicate clear coat finish.  It's fast, easy, and it works extremely well on your car and around the house.


Shake well.  Do not apply to a warm surface.  Working a small section at a time, apply a quarter-sized dollop of product directly onto a microfiber or terrycloth applicator.  Rub in a circular motion using firm downward pressure.  Allow the product to dwell on the affected area for 3-5 minutes before rinsing it off with water to neutralize the acid.  To help protect the surface afterwards, it’s ideal to follow with a protective wax coating, such as McKee’s 37 Fast Wax.

16 oz.


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