March 06, 2024 2 min read

Worth its weight in.....copper?

I've always been a sucker for tools and garage gadgets, especially those that make wrenching on or detailing a car more efficient.  So, when I first came across the Pro-Lock Extension Cords, I knew I had to bring them into the online store.  Typically, an extension cord isn't something you get excited about, even if you're an oddball like I am.  However, these power cords are just so darn good they're worth investing in.  Do yourself a favor and get two of them.  Oh, and that father-in-law that you never know what to gift for Christmas? Pick up one of them for him, too! 

pro lock cord

First and foremost, what's the big deal?  Everything!  Surprisingly enough, they don't cost a whole lot more than the extension cords you find locally.  For a few bucks more than your standard power cord, you receive the following upgrades:

  1. 12 Gauge / 15 Amp (Most comparable cords are only 14 gauge!)
  2. Locking collar stops cords from unplugging (patented design!)
  3. Both ends light up, telling you if you have good or bad connection
  4. Anti-Twist casing that doesn't kink


Locking collar prevents power cords from accidentally unplugging!

locking collar pro lock

locking collar on pro lock extension cord

pro lock extension cord


If you're not familiar with tech specs like gauges and amps, consider this: Imagine if you were running a marathon and you were trying to inhale and exhale through a straw.  That wouldn't work out too well for you, right?  That's how it is when you're using the wrong extension cord with a high-amperage tool, such as a car polisher or vacuum cleaner.  You see, the higher the gauge, the thinner the actual meat of the cord is (copper); the lower the gauge, the thicker the cord (again, not the casing, the copper).  More copper = more electricity!  

If you're not picking up what I'm laying down, then let me be frank: if you're running a high-gauge, run-of-the-mill extension cord with your buffer, polisher, or vacuum cleaner, you very well could be causing damage.  The Pro-Lock cord is a meaty 12 gauge cord designed to handle upwards of 15 amps of power.

Both ends of the Pro-Lock cord light up, indicating whether you have a good or bad connection.

pro lock extension cord

pro lock extension cord


How many times have you been polishing your car or using any sort of power tool only to have the cord become unplugged from the extension cord?  It's maddening!  That's not an issue with the Pro-Lock; the patented locking collar secures the cord in place, so it will not come unplugged.

Arguably the second coolest feature is the light on both ends of the cord indicating whether you have a good or bad connection.  Again, this also reduces aggravation and increases productivity.

Unlike inexpensive cords purchased at your local home improvement warehouse, Pro-Lock Extension Cords do not get tangled easily, nor do they kink up.

pro lock cord


These cords offer a lot of bang for not a lot of buck.  What are you waiting for? :-)

Thank you so much for reading!

Nick Rutter


Pro-Lock 25 Foot 12 Gauge/15 Amp Extension Cord

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