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All that and a bag of....sealant?

During the last 14 years that I've been in this industry, I've seen some incredible advancements in surface-care enhancement technology.  Most notably with how long products last, namely "AIO" (all-in-one) products, also known as a "Cleaner/Waxes."  For this article, I'm going to simply refer to these products as an "AIO."

What is an AIO, anyway?

An AIO is a product that cleans to remove embedded dirt, polishes to remove light surface imperfections, and seals the paint to protect it.  The point of an AIO is to save time.  Naturally, using a dedicated polish or swirl remover followed by a finishing-wax or sealant would produce better results overall.  However, perfection is not the point of an AIO.

Why should I use an AIO, then?

Let's say you're like most married couples and you have two vehicles.  One thing that I've observed the last 14 years is one car gets 95% the attention of the detailer in the household, while the other vehicle does not.  Sometimes it is the husband's car that receives the most attention (usually) and other times it's the wife's car (not as common).  So, with that in mind, an AIO is often used on the neglected car in the household.  

Another use for AIO's is at a detail shop.  For entry-level detail jobs, an AIO produces great results and saves the detailer a lot of time.  The customer picks up their car afterwards and the paint is glossy, smooth, and protected.  AIO's are often used in "production" detail environments, where the goal is to detail a vehicle as quickly as possible to increase profits.

How do I use an AIO?

Most AIO products can be applied by hand or machine.  Naturally, the machine will produce better results.  I like using dual-action polishers to apply an AIO.  Since their primary purpose is cleaning and light polishing while also sealing the paint, the best pad to use with an AIO is a foam polishing pad. 

What's the downside to an AIO?

Most AIO products compromise in at least one of three categories: cleaning ability (removing below surface contaminants), polishing (removing swirl marks), or sealing (protecting the paintwork).  It's really easy to make an AIO that lasts a long time: simply add more sealant and less polish!  Or, to make an AIO that removes swirl marks really well but doesn't last that long.  I think you get the point.  The truth is, there's nothing remarkable about most AIO products on the market.  Naturally we saw a void that needed to be filled so we formulated an AIO that excels at all three categories:

  1. Cleaning to remove embedded dirt, thus increasing gloss.
  2. Polishing to remove swirl marks, thus increasing gloss.
  3. Sealing for long-lasting protection, thus protecting the paintwork.  

How did we do it?  Well, if I told you, I'd have know. 

one step cleaner wax aio

McKee's 37 360 Ceramic One Step

McKee's 37 360 Ceramic One-Step simplifies the detailing process by combining a cleaner, polish, and ceramic sealant into one easy-to-use formula. Featuring the latest in SiO2 Ceramic technology, 360 Ceramic One-Step restores the depth and gloss to all colors while simultaneously depositing a durable ceramic sealant that can withstand alkaline cleaners and detergents. 360 Ceramic One-Step is even capable of removing oxidation and light swirl marks. Apply by hand or machine.

Proof is in the Pudding

Check out these incredible before and after photos submitted by customers of mine after using 360 Ceramic One Step.

On the left, you can see the swirl marks and scratches.  On the right, you can see how the gloss and clarity of the paint has been restored.  This was performed using McKee's 37 360 Ceramic One Step paired with a foam polishing pad on a dual action polisher.

360 ceramic one step


Checkout the incredible glassy-shine on this Plymouth Prowler that as also detailed using McKee's 37 360 Ceramic One Step:

plymouth prowler 360 one step mckee's 37


It also works on classic muscle cars and hotrods, too:

muscle car detailing


McKee's 37 360 Ceramic One Step has also been a go-to AIO for boat and RV owners as well.  Like the photos above, this photo of an RV was submitted by a customer of mine:

how to wax an RV


So, Nick, What's the Catch?

There is none, really.  At least not compared to other AIO products on the market.  You could make the argument that 360 Ceramic One Step is not going to remove defects as quickly or effectively as a dedicated compound or swirl remover; I would agree with you. It's not designed to!  You could also make the argument that it will not last as long as a finishing sealant, such as our Graphene Deep Gloss Ceramic Sealant; I would agree with that as well.  What 360 Ceramic One Step offers is outstanding cleaning ability, impressive correction ability, and a long-lasting glossy finish that protects paintwork upwards of one year.

Thank you so much for reading!

Nick Rutter


360 Ceramic One Step

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