What a Ride: From Boardwalk to Boardroom - Bob McKee Memoir

Foreword by Barry Meguiar!

Bob McKee is truly a one-of-a-kind person.  His story from how he started out in life as a young man and the journey he travelled to become the visionary he is today is not only fascinating, but you can relate to it on a personal level. 

What a Ride: From Boardwalk to Boardroom, is a genuine page-turner, once you start reading it you'll find it difficult to stop until you get to the last page.  As you read through the book, Bob's fascinating life story unfolds page after page, chapter after chapter. 

What a Ride: From Boardwalk to Boardroom, is easy to read as it's written in a very personal, one-to-one conversational style.  It's as though Bob is sitting right next to you sharing his life in person.    Besides his incredible life story, you'll meet all the people he's mentored and helped throughout his life and how they went on to become their own success simply from meeting and learning from Bob. 

As a bonus, each copy of What a Ride: From Boardwalk to Boardroom will include a QR code containing special discount codes.



Every page captivates your attention as you relive Bob McKee's life, from one exciting experience to the next. - Barry Meguiar

Bob's early experience as a successful boardwalk barker gave him keen insight into human nature.  He later parlayed this into savvy marketing and product positioning to turn the relatively simple task of washing and waxing a car into the science of detailing.  This led to the creation of Autogeek, and the world is a shinier place for it! - Dennis Gage

Bob's book, What a Ride: From Boardwalk to Boardroom, was a long-time coming, and I'm thrilled that it's now available.  Bob's story is unlike any other, and each page provides valuable information on what it takes to succeed in business.  - Nick Rutter

Out of all the people I've known and worked with in my life, Bob has done more to help me succeed than anyone else.  Get the book, carve out some alone-time and be prepared to be inspired. - Mike Phillips

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