Perfect Paint Duo - BEAST & FINISHER

Contains our flagship compound and polish for a dazzling show-car finish

The McKee's 37 Perfect Paint Duo contains our flagship polishing compounds - BEAST Compound and FINISHER Polish.  Formulated utilizing the most advanced abrasive technology available, BEAST and FINISHER deliver incredible cutting and finishing abilities regardless of the tool you use.  Remove paint defects and create a show-car finish in your garage with the Perfect Paint Duo.

The Perfect Paint Duo includes:

32 oz. BEAST Compound

McKee’s 37 BEAST Compound features the most advanced abrasive technology available in any body-shop safe compound.  Formulated to remove 1000 grit or finer sanding scratches, McKee’s 37 BEAST Compound makes quick work of paint defects including swirl marks, water spots, and scratches.  Unlike other aggressive compounds, McKee’s 37 BEAST Compound will not scour or haze the finish.  This saves you time and effort in the polishing process.  McKee’s 37 BEAST Compound does not dust or smear, and it wipes off without any effort.  Safe for all paint systems including clear coat and single stage.

32 oz. FINISHER Polish

McKee’s 37 FINISHER Polish is designed to be used after McKee’s 37 BEAST Compound to maximize gloss and surface smoothness, or as a stand-alone polish on vehicles that are new or well-maintained.  The micro abrasives in FINISHER Polish work to remove hazing and minor paint imperfections, creating a show-car finish.  McKee’s 37 FINISHER Polish can be applied by hand or machine.  The level of cut is dependent on the aggressiveness of the pad you’re using to apply it.

Kit contains:

32 oz. BEAST Compound

32 oz. FINISHER Polish

Total retail value of $139.98.  You save $39.99!

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