N-725 Clay Towel Lubricant Combo

Money-saving combo includes the Autoforge Universal Clay Towel as well as a 22 oz. bottle of McKee's 37 N-725 Clay Towel Lubricant!

The N-725 Clay Towel Lubricant Combo includes a bottle of N-725 Clay Towel Lubricant, an iron-removing lubricant designed to allow a clay towel or clay mitt to glide across the surface, removing iron contamination as well as other gloss-hindering contaminants.  The Autoforge Universal Clay Towel combines a super-soft microfiber towel with a rubberized polymer coating that quickly and gently removes bonded surface contaminants such as paint overspray, bug splatter, industrial fallout, and more.  Using the N-725 Clay Towel Lubricant Combo before you wax or polish your vehicle increases the gloss by removing the aforementioned contaminants. 

The N-725 Clay Towel Lubricant Combo includes:

22 oz. McKee's 37 N-725 Clay Towel Lubricant

McKee’s 37 N-725 Clay Towel Lubricant is a two-in-one iron remover and lubricant designed to be used in conjunction with a clay towel, clay mitt, or a clay bar.  Formulated to be used as part of the paint decontamination process, N-725 Clay Towel Lubricant saves you time and effort by combining two products into one.  First, by chemically decontaminating the paint by means of a built-in iron remover that dissolves corrosive iron particles, changing color from clear to red as it works.  Second, by covering the paint with lubricious polymers that provide a barrier of lubrication that allows your clay towel to glide across the surface while mechanically decontaminating the paint without scratching or marring.  This increases gloss and smoothness, allowing your wax, sealant, or coating to properly adhere to the surface.

Autoforge Universal Clay Towel

The Autoforge Universal Clay Towel features an ingeniously designed perforated rubberized polymer coating that effectively removes bonded contaminants without scratching paint.  Although marketed as a fine-grade towel, the Autoforge Universal Clay Towel is aggressive enough to remove heavy paint over spray and other stubborn bonded contaminants.  Use with confidence, even on darker colored vehicles!  The perforations also help to release more lubrication as well as to trap larger contaminants that get dislodged into the towel, helping prevent scratching or marring.


Do not apply to surfaces that are hot to the touch.  Do not allow cleaner to dry on surface.  Working on a vehicle that has already been washed, spray a liberal amount of product directly onto the paint and allow the cleaner to dwell for 2-3 minutes.  It will change color during this time if iron particles are present.  Then, rub your clay towel across the surface until it glides freely, applying more lubricant as necessary.  Make sure to rinse your clay towel frequently.  Once finished, re-wash the vehicle or rinse it off with a hose before proceeding to the next step (polishing, waxing, etc.).

16 x 16 inches


22 oz. McKee's 37 N-725 Clay Towel Lubricant

Autoforge Universal Clay Towel

Edgeless 365 Microfiber Towel

Total retail value of $89.97.  You save $39.98!

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