Graphene Coating Wax


Wax your graphene ceramic-coated vehicle without degrading its protection!

McKee’s 37 Graphene Coating Wax is a spray-on, wipe-off coating wax that provides long-lasting paint protection.  Use this graphene-rich formula as a stand-alone paint protectant, or as a booster over your existing wax, sealant, or graphene coating.  McKee’s 37 Graphene Coating Wax is formulated using a blend of ultra-refined graphene-oxide ceramic resins fused with high-grade carnauba wax.  This combination offers long-lasting paint protection as well as a sizzling, 3-dimensional shine on all colors.  McKee’s 37 Graphene Coating Wax will not streak or smear, even in humid climates. 

McKee's 37 Graphene Coating Wax is a true graphene wax, in the form of a spray. This is not a spray detailer or quick touch up; it's the real deal!  McKee's 37 Graphene Coating Wax will enhance the gloss and slickness of your vehicle, especially if it is coated with McKee's 37 Graphene Ceramic Coating or Graphene Pro Coat 2.0.  What's more, McKee's 37 Graphene Coating Wax helps protect your freshly graphene-coated vehicle from water spots during the curing process.

Using McKee's 37 Graphene Coating Wax is simple.  You'll be delighted by its delectable fragrance, and the way it basically melts into the paint as you spread it out with a towel.  Apply McKee's 37 Graphene Coating Wax to all exterior surfaces, including glass!  It will not only enhance your vehicle's paintwork, it will also act as a wheel sealant and a plastic trim enhancer! 


Shake well.  Working one panel at a time, spray a liberal amount of McKee’s 37 Graphene Coating Wax directly onto the surface.  Wipe clean using a soft, lint-free microfiber towel.  Use a second clean, dry towel to buff the surface to remove any remaining residue.  Repeat this process panel-by-panel.  McKee’s 37 Graphene Coating Wax can also be used as a drying aid after washing your vehicle.  Simply mist McKee’s 37 Graphene Coating Wax onto the surface as you dry it using a McKee’s 37 Glacier 1100 Drying Towel.  Using the product this way will help reduce the chance of water spots after the washing process.

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