ScrapeRite Curvey Double Edge Blades

Curved Edge Provides Increased Versatility

ScrapeRite Curvey Double Edge Blades are the newest addition to the plastic razor blade family from ScrapeRite.  These General Purpose Orange safe scraper blades can handle most household chemicals but maintain predictable performance characteristics that resemble a fingernail. They are ideal for use on delicate surfaces like auto paint, wood furniture, stovetops and counter tops, pots and pans, and more. Ideal for sticker removal and scraping dead bugs, tar and road grime, candle wax, crusted food. Scraperite plastic razor blades are also approved for use on aircraft alloy airframes and composites. Highly chemical resistant.

Plastic razor blades should always be used with an appropriate solvent considering three key elements. Substance to be removed, surface to be cleaned, and solvent to be used. ScrapeRite Standard Double Edge Blades handle most any household or automotive solvent and more. Always use an appropriate solvent or a mild soapy water solution when scraping on any surface.

30 Pack


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