MJJC Foam Cannon S V3.0 with 1/4″ Quick Connector Adapter - FREE BONUS!

For a limited time receive a FREE bottle of McKee's 37 SiO2 Auto Wash with your purchase!  Retail Value of $26.99 - FREE!

Amazing quality at an incredible price!

The MJJC Foam Cannon S V3.0 is hands-down the BEST foam cannon on the market.  The quality construction and the thick frothy foam is second to none.  These foam cannons easily hook up to a pressure washer with the included quick connect fitting.  By covering your vehicle with a thick blanket of foam, you reduce the chance of swirl marks and scratches as you wash the vehicle.  Using a MJJC Foam Cannon S V3.0 is fun for you and the whole family.

What’s New with S V3.0

  1. New Structure – easier and smoother to control 360-degree spray.
  2. New Straw Tube – easier to consume all the liquid in bottle.
  3. New Bottle and Cap – easier to attach bottle to foam cannon body.
  4. New Foam Technology – thicker and shaving cream foam.

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