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IK Multi-Pro 2 Gallon Refill Combo

The best sprayer money can buy!

The IK Multi-Pro 2 Gallon Refill Combo allows you to refill the finest pump sprayer money can buy, the IK Multi-Pro 2, with your favorite non-foaming ready-to-use or concentrated McKee's 37 product! The IK Multi Pro 2 Sprayer is a robust pump sprayer that features a high-capacity 64 ounce container to hold all your favorite detailing chemicals, from quick detailers, waterless washes, and everything in between. Use the IK Multi Pro 2 Sprayer to save time by simply pumping up the sprayer and pulling the trigger to disperse a wide spray pattern of your cleaner of choice. The heavy-duty construction features chemical-resistant FPM Viton seals and washers, ensuring a long operating life. Note: Only products that do not foam are available in the options list. For foaming chemicals, check out the IK Foam Pro 2 Gallon Refill Combo. Some products will require an upcharge.