Graphene Tire Shine 150 oz. Refill Kit

This money-saving refill kit includes a 22 oz. and 128 oz. container of Graphene Tire Shine PLUS 3 Premium Gold Microfiber Towels along with a threaded refill funnel and dual action trim & tire applicator sponge.

Our longest lasting spray on tire shine

McKee’s 37 Graphene Tire Shine is a water-based tire dressing that is formulated using a blend of ultra-refined graphene-oxide ceramic resins designed to protect and beautify your vehicle’s tires.  This high-bonding formula will keep your tires shiny and protected for weeks at a time, even when driven through wet weather.  Unlike traditional solvent-based tire dressings, McKee’s 37 Graphene Tire Shine will not cause your tires to turn brown, and it will not sling off or stain your driveway.  McKee’s 37 Graphene Tire Shine actually helps prevent the tire from turning brown.  Natural conditioners restore the tire’s pH-balance, keeping it flexible to help prevent dry rot.  You can adjust the level of gloss by how many coats you apply. 

I'm fanatical about tire dressings.  In fact, it's my favorite part of every detail.  In my opinion, perfectly dressed tires are the finishing touch on an otherwise pristinely detailed vehicle.  Like most of you, the shine that I desire from my tire dressing of choice is not too glossy, or matte, but somewhere in between.  And I also want my tire dressing to last more than a week!  If a higher or lower gloss sheen is what you prefer, that is easily achieved by the number of coats that you apply.  That's the beauty of Graphene Tire Shine.  Not only is it a joy to apply, it produces a concours-worthy finish that dries to the touch and will not sling.  Plus it will stick to the tire for a couple weeks, even through rain!  

Besides imparting the perfect finish on your vehicle's tires, this high-solids formula protects the tire from pre-mature cracking as well.  Tires, like your vehicle's paint, need to be protected in order to function as intended.  


In order for McKee’s 37 Graphene Tire Shine to properly bond to the tire, you must clean the tire first using McKee’s 37 Tire & Rubber Rejuvenator.  After the tires are clean and dry, spray McKee’s 37 Graphene Tire Shine directly onto the tire or an applicator sponge to reduce unwanted overspray.  Evenly spread out the tire shine using an applicator sponge, re-applying more tire shine as needed.  Pay special attention to ribs, grooves, and raised letters where the tire shine can easily pool up.  Allow 30 minutes for the tire shine to bond before driving the vehicle.  Do not apply to tire tread or motorcycle tires. 

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