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McKee's 37 System 4000D Deluxe Pad Washer Free Bonus!

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For a limited time receive a FREE jar of McKee's 37 Polishing Pad Rejuvenator. Retail value of $24.99! Keep your pads looking, feeling, and performing like new!

The McKee's 37 System 4000D Deluxe Pad Washer, by Lake Country Manufacturing out of Wisconsin, is a high-tech solution for cleaning your foam, wool, and microfiber buffing pads. By cleaning your buffing pads after each section, you extend the life while producing better results on the surface you're machine polishing. The System 4000D Deluxe Pad Washer is designed to be used with a dual action or rotary polisher equipped with a foam, wool, or microfiber buffing pad. Cleaning your buffing pad takes less than 30 seconds!

Tiny amounts of clear coat are removed every time you compound or polish your vehicle. Clear coat is, for the most part, paint without any color pigment. As its removed during the polishing process, it gums up your buffing pad, reducing the mechanical cutting ability of the pad. The clear coat that's removed, combined with the spent polish and compound residue, can actually scratch or mar your vehicle's delicate clear coat finish. Cleaning your buffing pad after each section with the System 4000D Deluxe Pad Washer not only extends the life of your buffing pad, it produces superior results as well! The cleaner the pad, the better quality the finish produced!

The System 4000D Deluxe Pad Washer is manufactured by Lake Country Manufacturing, the number one buffing pad manufacturer in the world! We're proud to partner with them for the System 4000D Deluxe Pad Washer. Made in USA

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    Kyle B.
    Great time saver!

    If I've come to the end of my day I'm usually exhausted, aching and mentally spent. The last thing I want to do is spend an hour or more cleaning all the pads from the days polishing. With this LC-4000 pad washer I'm done cleaning my pads in 1/10th of the time.The flow through design does a fine job of flushing out the old compound even on the dirtiest, most caked pads I've cleaned so far. Every pump delivers fresh, untainted cleaning solution so you don't waste time flushing compound that was reintroduced while flushing.

    Dave R.
    This thing will pay for itself in 3 jobs

    Got tired of walking to the garage door after every section to blow out my pad. This is a perfect solution! The pads spin out to very lightly damp and are ready to go back to the paint in 30 seconds or so.