Redline Foam Pad Cleaning Brush

Nylon bristles gently clean pads without causing damage

Whether you detail for a living or simply as a hobby, you need to properly clean your foam buffing pads. Why? Because they're an investment, that's why! For a few bucks you can purchase this handy brush designed specifically for cleaning foam buffing pads, during and after the paint correction process. The ergonomically shaped handle is comfortable to hold, and the nylon bristles are the perfect balance of soft and firm. By cleaning your compounding or polishing pad on the fly after each panel (brushing the face of the pad), you ensure spent residue and caked-on product will not interfere with the paint correction process. Then, use the brush in conjunction with our Polishing Pad Cleaner or Polishing Pad Rejuvenator to deep clean the pads when the detail is completed.