7.5 Inch Redline 100% Twisted Wool Cutting Pad

1.5 inch pile length provides a smoother buffing experience!

The heaviest cutting pad in the McKee's 37 Redline Pad System, this 7.5 inch 100% twisted wool cutting pad is designed to be used with a rotary or circular polisher for heavy defect removal, including oxidation and sanding marks. The extra long 1.5 inch pile length helps eliminate buffer hop, something most wool pads are prone to (especially for beginners!). The extra length in the pile also helps reduce heat compared to a standard wool pad's 1 inch pile length. Use the Redline 100% Twisted Wool Cutting Pad to remove oxidation on gel coat or fiberglass, or for heavy scratch and sanding mark removal on automotive clear coats.

For use with a 6 inch backing plate.