Tire Shine SiO2 Enhanced 5 Gallon Refill

The tire shineyou've been waiting for!

McKee's 37 Tire Shine is enhanced with silicon dioxide (SiO2) to form a long-lasting barrier of protection on your vehicle's tires. Designed to prevent long-term damage from exposure to the sun, Tire Shine SiO2 Enhanced creates an attractive semi-gloss finish that will not sling off. Use McKee's 37 Tire Shine SiO2 Enhanced to protect and beautify brand new tires, or to restore a rich black appearance to older tires. Frequent application will protect your tires' sidewalls from cracking and turning brown. This solvent-free formula dries 100% to the touch.

Perfectly dressed tires are the finishing touch on an otherwise perfectly detailed vehicle. Streak-free windows? Check. Spotless wheels? Check-check! Make your vehicle stand out by dressing your tires with a beautiful semi-gloss finish that lasts weeks, not hours or days. McKee's 37 Tire Shine SiO2 Enhanced will take your freshly cleaned vehicle from a 9 to a 10. And it's not going to sling! Not all tire shine sprays are created equal. Most formulas utilize high-octane solvents and petroleum distillates. These inexpensive ingredients cause long-term damage by turning tires brown. Tire Shine SiO2 Enhanced relies on quality ingredients that protect and enhance your vehicle's tires. This water-based formula is safe for you and the environment, plus it smells fantastic!

McKee's 37 Tire Shine SiO2 Enhanced was formulated to work with all the different rubber compounds on the market. Whether your vehicle has low-profile summer tires or 38 inch mud boggers, Tire Shine SiO2 Enhanced will enhance the finish with a water-resistant coating that promises to last week after week. Regular application of Tire Shine SiO2 Enhanced will protect your tires from cracking and turning brown.

Spray directly onto tire and evenly distribute using a McKee's 37 Dual Action Trim & Tire Applicator Sponge. To avoid over spray on low profile tires, bury the nozzle into a McKee's 37 Dual Action Applicator Sponge.

For best results, thoroughly clean the tires first using McKee's 37 Tire & Rubber Rejuvenator. Once the tires are clean and dry, spray Tire Shine SiO2 Enhanced directly onto the tire OR an applicator pad. The former works best for large SUV and truck tires, while the latter is the ideal application method for low-profile tires. Evenly coat the tires using your applicator pad of choice. Some tires may require 2 or 3 coats to achieve the desired level of shine. It is normal for some tires to have a blotchy appearance immediately after being coated. Tire Shine SiO2 Enhanced will level out and create a uniform appearance after it completely dries.

5 Gallon

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