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Carini Collection 502 Leather Care Cleaner & Conditioner


30% Cleaner, 70% Conditioner

McKee's Leather Care 502 simplifies interior detailing by combining a powerful cleaner and nourishing conditioner into one easy-to-use formula. McKee's 502 is strong enough to remove dirt and grime from leather and vinyl surfaces, yet gentle enough not to damage delicate stitching. McKee's 502 is packed full of mink oil and lanolin that helps leather retain its soft, supple feel. Use McKee's 502 as a cleaner for older leather, or as a protectant for new leather. The pleasant leather aroma of McKee's 502 will keep your vehicle's interior smelling new! Safe for all types of OEM leather.


Shake well. Do not apply to a hot surface. Spray McKee's 502 directly onto the surface and wipe clean using a soft towel. Buff off excess. Stubborn stains may require agitating the cleaner with a brush. To avoid overspray on dashboards and door panels, spray McKee's 502 directly onto a towel. Do not apply to suede.